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Many times we are content with where we live. But if you want a new adventure in your life, try visiting some new place. And you need not break the bank. A simple trip to another city in Nigeria might just be what you need. Today, we will explore 4 sites in the city of Ile Ife and what it offers tourists. If you are crazy about Yoruba mythology, you will enjoy visiting this town.

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1. The Ooni’s Palace (Ile Oodua)

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The Ooni of Ife’s Palace in Enuwa area of Ile Ife has existed with the city of Ife for about 500 years. Though remodelled after modern infrastructural design, it is still a great place to visit. The opulence of the palace, coupled with the history of the Yoruba people, reminds you that the palace is a sacred place. With a tour guide on site, you can’t get lost here. The Ile Oodua is considered a sacred place to learn more about the Yoruba culture and origin. From the meanings behind the carvings at the entrance to the statues and shrine within, this is one cultural tourism trip you need to make.

2. The Staff of Oranmiyan

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Steeped in mystery and folklore, this tusk-like monument stands 18 feet above the ground. It is a 5 metre granite monolith that is located in the Oranmiyan shrine at Mopa, Aarubidi quarters in Ile Ife. This place is considered a sacred ground and is under lock and key but a tour guide can help you access it. The Oranmiyan obelisk (Opa Oranmiyan) is hundreds of years old and is a sure tourist attraction in the city.

3. Oduduwa Afewonro Park

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This V shaped Park is just in front of the Ooni’s Palace. It has the statute of Oduduwa draped in a white single loin cloth slung over his left shoulder, clutching a staff with a bird on top in his left hand, and a beaded crown “Ade Are” on his head. A similar statue (with a chain ascending to heaven in his right hand) can be found in Oduduwa’s Shrine and Grove Landmark in Ido area, Oduduwa street in Ile Ife.

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4. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)

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The former University of Ife, now known as OAU, might not sound like your typical tourist destination. But this campus site has a park, a lake, a museum of natural history and antiquities, and a contemporary art gallery worth checking out. It also has interesting architecture for the faculty buildings and its landscaping is ever green. OAU is located along Ibadan road in the city of Ile Ife.

For monuments, also check out the Moremi Ajasoro Statue and for museums, visit the National Museum both of which are not too far from the Ooni’s Palace. Another spot to check out is the Ori Olokun roundabout where there’s an archaeological bronze head statue.

If you need a quiet vacation with a city tour as the highlight of your trip, Ile Ife is just right for you. If you have been to Ile Ife, kindly share with us your favourite sights and sounds of this city.

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This article was first published on 9th February 2020


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