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  Most people are not aware that spending too much time on their phones, television sets, and laptops adds to their mental and emotional exhaustion. Medical practitioners and other health experts advise that reducing screen time is key to achieving a healthier body system. Aside from exhaustion, too much screen time can cause the muscles in the eyes to strain, leading to some eye-related defects.

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For these reasons, it is important for us to reduce our screen time. We need to set a number of rules that will help us to limit the amount of time we spend when we use our gadgets. Find below seven (7) effective ways necessary for reducing screen time:

Refrain From Using Your Phone Or Watching TV During Mealtimes

For some people, it has already become a habit— checking for the latest notification while eating. Some others prefer to eat and binge-watch their favourite shows on TV. Both lifestyles are dangerous. However, the solutions remain: Establish rules like No Use Of Phones During Dinner. Also, take up a stand against having the TV in the eating area or Dining room.

Stop Charging Your Phone in Your Bedroom

This is simply because merely looking at your phone’s screen just before going to bed can disrupt your sleeping patterns. If you have not noticed, charging your phone next to your bed will only tempt you to use the gadget when you should be sleeping.

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Opt For a Face-to-Face Meeting Or a Phone Call

Chatting as a form of communication can extend into hours and hours of screen time. These long online conversations with other people can be replaced with calls and meetings. Learn to ditch chatting if you want to discuss engaging issues. The best alternative is to call the other person or arrange a face-to-face meeting at a café.

Leave Your Work at Work

When you arrive home from work, resist the urge to check your work emails. All communication channels for work should not be used at home. If you are in the habit of constantly checking your work email while at home, you are at risk of raising your stress levels.

Try Out a New Hobby Whenever You Feel Bored

Though social media has offered us an opportunity to be perpetually entertained, a lengthy screen time can be unhealthy for us. A lot of people nowrelyonTwitter, TikTok and Instagram feed to ease their boredom. If you intend to kill time when next you feel bored, I advise that you try out a new hobby like knitting, writing, gardening or reading a book.

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Do Not Watch Movies or TV in Bed

Finding comfort in bed whilst watching your favourite TV shows is something most of us do a lot. If you want to beat the urge of pressing play on the next episode and reduce your screen time, you should watch your movies from your couch as it makes it easier to stop watching unlike when you are already feeling cozy in bed.

Set a Timer

Yes, social media channels are big time wasters. To keep track of your time and to help you focus on other important duties, try setting a timer for how long you spend scrolling through feeds.

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This article was first published on 12th May 2022


Ohia, Ernest Chigaemezu is a writer, editor, and grade teacher based in Jos, Nigeria.

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