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  As they say, no man is an island. It’s no wonder why several studies show that a sense of belonging can build self-esteem, ease anxiety, and boost overall health.
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Finding quality friends can be a hurdle at any age, but it’s even more difficult to make friends as older adults because there are fewer opportunities to make friends. While it can be challenging, it is not impossible. Here are some tips to strengthen your social circle and make friends at any age.

Create Time For Hobbies 

Because shared interests and hobbies are the ways people connect with one another, they can be helpful in cultivating new friendships. We often neglect our hobbies due to the nature of our busy lives, but it’s important to keep engaging in them if you want to meet like-minded people. Do you have an interest or a skill you’ve been eager to learn? Do you have an activity that you always enjoyed but quit after a while? Rekindling your interest in your hobbies is a great way to live a life of satisfaction and build new genuine friendships in the process. Whether it’s a book club, a music group, or a coding class, identify a hobby you enjoy and that can lead to meaningful connections with others.

Show Up

Showing up is just as important in friendships as it is in other areas of our lives. This includes an opportunity where other people are sure to gather. Go to a party. Pay a visit to the new neighbours. Put in the work as long as it enables you to meet other people.
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Also, the more you expose yourself to someone, the more you like someone and the more that person likes you. You’re more likely to become friends if you see yourselves often. Don’t just stop at meeting new people, take the initiative to create opportunities that will enable you to meet them again as long as they’re also interested in meeting you again.


Surprisingly, studies have shown that how long you grin during a discussion has a direct impact on how pleasant you are regarded to be. People who can’t smile because of facial paralysis have a hard time forming relationships.

Build Your Self Esteem

Working on your self-esteem may be more difficult than it appears, but increasing your confidence might help you make new friends. To do this, you should practice self-compassion and positive self-talk on a regular basis. Use the opportunity to develop self-awareness as you gain confidence in yourself. Discover what attributes you offer to a friendship by asking yourself what types of relationships you want to have in your life. Having a deeper awareness of yourself can assist you in attracting people who are compatible with the type of connection you seek and weeding out fickle friendships. Featured Image Source: Pohai NG
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This article was first published on 7th November 2021


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