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  Depression is often associated with feelings of sadness and despair. A closer look into depression, however, would reveal that there are underlying symptoms that may be overshadowed by the more obvious signs. These subtle signs are often easy to miss even by the individual who is experiencing depression.
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If you’re facing challenges in areas of your life that rely on your mental state, then you may just be depressed. Here some subtle signs of depression to look out for.

You’re Isolated

If it becomes hard to stay in contact with friends and family or reach out for social interactions, it may be a sign that you’re depressed. According to a study published in the Journal of Counseling Psychology “people with greater depressive symptoms feel that they experience worse social interactions” and “people with greater depressive symptoms reported less satisfaction of their need to belong.” Feeling unmotivated to socialise may be a sign that you’re slipping into depression.

You Lack Energy 

Depression affects not just our mood but our energy levels as well. If you find yourself lacking energy for no reason and finding it hard to get anything done, it may be a sign of depression. Studies show that fatigue is one of the most prevalent symptoms of depression and may result in loss of concentration, mood swings, and unproductivity.

You Have Mood Swings 

Sudden outbursts of emotions and anger at loved ones or family members are a sign that you may not be in a good place mentally. This is because depression sometimes stems from suppressed emotions. These emotions can’t stay hidden for long and thus manifest at times when they are unwarranted. If you find yourself having uncontrollable outbursts of anger aimed at your loved ones, you may need to pay attention to your mental health.

Extreme Guilt

Everyone experiences guilt at some point in their lives. But when one feels guilty over different areas of lives, even over mundane stuff, then it may mean depression is creeping in. This guilt may stem from past failures or underachievement in one’s life which they consider important. Watching out for the above signs can help you ensure the health of both you and your loved ones. Don’t take these subtle signs for granted. Featured Image Source: ADDitude
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This article was first published on 3rd May 2021


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