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Many illnesses go unnoticed and may not show any obvious symptoms or signs until they are advanced. While the right thing to do is to go for regular checkups, this is not always possible due to a whole number of different reasons. 

Here are some simple tests you can do at home to check your health status: 

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Read Your Palms 

The palms can be used as an indicator to know whether you have anaemia or not. Iron is the nutrient that creates the body’s red blood cells by carrying oxygen around the world. If the body is not getting red blood cells, it becomes paler. 

To check if your body is getting enough red blood cells, turn your hands to face upwards in front of you and stretch out your fingers. If the creases of your hands look pale, regardless of your skin tone, then it may be a sign that you have poor blood circulation due to low iron levels. 

Another way is to check your nail beds and the water line below your eyes. Paleness on all these parts of your body is enough reason to head to the doctor immediately. 

Place A Paper At The Back Of Your Hands

Hand tremors are one of the signs of Parkinson’s Disease, an overactive thyroid or a condition called essential tremor. These hand tremors are subtle sometimes, hence you might not notice them/ 

To check if your hands are shaking, place a piece of paper over the back of your hands and stretch them in front of you. The paper will make it easier for you to see if you’re having any tremors. 

Test Your Eyes

Squinting or headaches after reading are some of the signs that indicate vision problems. However, if you want clear your doubts so you can head over to the doctor to have it corrected, then here’s a test for you. 

Stand across the room from a door frame. Focus on the lines of the door, both horizontal and vertical. Cover one eye and look at the lines of the door. Once you’re done, switch to the other eye and do the same. 

If you have healthy vision, the door should appear perfectly without any distortions or missing parts. If, however, you notice the opposite, then you may be suffering from a condition called macular degeneration, which is one of the primary causes of vision loss in those who are over 60. 

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Climb The Stairs While Talking Or Singing 

For a long time, doctors have been recommending climbing the stairs as a healthy alternative to taking an elevator. It is a simple exercise you can always do to protect the heart and prevent cardiovascular disease. 

But climbing the stairs can also be used to test if your heart is working properly. So, walk up the staircase while talking or singing your favourite song. If you start finding it so difficult to breathe that you can’t continue talking or singing or you feel tightness in your chest, then you should see the doctor. 


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