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Nigeria has the highest number of internet users in Africa, and more than half of those people access the internet with their mobile devices (95 million active subscribers reported by Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, in Jan 2012). So it makes a lot of sense that making information mobile is an easy and accessible format to reach as many people as can be—far and wide. That is what Pledge51, a Nigeria-based mobile media company, has done with the Nigerian constitution. Many Nigerians don’t know their constitution and, therefore, do not know where their rights begin and where it stops. Many hardly know when it was last amended, and if a review is long overdue. Things are set to change with the release of the second version of the Nigerian Constitution in mobile format, as the population of mobile phone users is growing, and people are increasingly sourcing for information on their devices. The Nigerian Constitution app for mobile phones basically allows users easy access to Nigeria’s amended constitution, and they can surf and search for relevant topics as they wish. Pledge 51 developed an initial version officially launched in January 2011, and the app recorded over 80,000 downloads. The first version was available solely on Blackberry devices. This second version can work with the Blackberry, Nokia, Android based devices, and Java enabled phones. It has also been integrated with popular social networks like Facebook so that users can share the constitution with their friends and subscribers. Here is an official release statement from the Pledge 51, a rundown of the new features available in the second version. Nigerian Constitution App Version 2.0 Building on our earlier successful mobile phone version of the constitution (for blackberry devices), we are releasing the second version of the Nigerian constitution app which will be available on major mobile device platforms (Android, Blackberry, Nokia, etc). In this version, we have the recently amended version of the constitution and have taken feedback from our earlier iterations and included some more interesting/engaging features such as: 1. Constitution Forum: there is quick and easy access to a discussion forum where people can ask questions, discuss issues or legal problems they have and seek answers to. 2. Search the Constitution: the constitution is a voluminous document and looking for a section about a desired topic can be hectic, hence the search feature. The app allows people use keywords to search the constitution. 3. Facebook Share: the app also allows people to share section(s) of the constitution with friends on Facebook. This should help to enlighten and educate more citizens about the rules governing Nigeria, their rights and responsibilities 4. Legal Directory: the legal directory provides a directory of lawyers enabling people to have access to legal practices on-­the-­go. How to download the App: Depending on your mobile device, click on any of the following links to download the app. Blackberry Devices This App version works only from OS5.0 and above, and OS2.0 for the Playbook. Download Blackberry Non-Touch Screen Version Download Blackberry Touch Screen Version Download Blackberry Playbook Version Nokia Devices This App version requires a minimum Series 40, 5th edition Nokia phone and above. Download Nokia Version Android Devices This App version requires a device with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and above. Download Android Version Visit the official website: Learn more about the initiative, visit

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This article was first published on 25th May 2012 and updated on June 8th, 2012 at 10:17 am


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    For decades the system disarmed the minds of the people resulting in a population comfortable been ruled by a few misfits. They live with the idea that someday their masters will set them free, so they become beggars not fighters.

    Nigeria’s core problem is a miseducated population ruled by a corrupt government praying to the gods of their oppressors as their Lord and Savior in the process pissing on the graves of their ancestors.

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