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It is climbing to a steady pitch, the days are counting and rather fast I must say. I’m back to the age-long question I always ask, “Why celebrate love on a special day alone?”

If I must love you for some reason and that I still have you in my space, then I must love you a whole lot. Celebrating you or the love we share on a specific day takes the beauty and creativity out of what we share.

Valentine is around the corner and I wouldn’t dream of denying people the opportunity to declare via words and actions, what they feel for that someone special in their lives. So how do you celebrate Valentine? What fun ways can you go all out for the one you love?

If the person you are getting all warmed-up about is like me and loves words, by all means, get the cards, do a personalised card, write a short sweet poem of how having them in your space makes your world the best place it can ever be regardless of the craze outside.

If it is an outdoor kind of person, look out for a fun place that is not so popular, so you can have the moments to yourself and not be competing for attention with other friends that may show up at the same place because it is your usual spot! Get the sparks into it, go somewhere new and different. Try that new cinema place, pick a movie he/she would love. Go the beach and just let nature take over. That way nature is doing all the other magic for you!

If he/she is a gift person get them a good gift that you can afford that is unique. Agreed there are people that plan to show off the kinds of gifts they got during Valentine, I’m a firm believer of “the thought behind the gift is what matters.” In place of getting one big gift, you could get lots of different gifts, so the person goes from hmmm to awww to wow!!! When people are given different thoughtful things by one person at the same time, it is always mind blowing! Try it.

  • Visit Nike’s Art Gallery.
  • Buy some indigenous ice cream at the Hans & Rene in Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel.
  • Go to Fofina Bamboo Beach House for the cool sea breeze etc.

However you chose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, make every moment count and to be remembered for a long while.  Perhaps you might want to do a combo of all our suggestions here. Let us know what other fun way you want to do this.

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This article was first published on 8th February 2017


I am in love with words! I believe they have unbelievable powers to change people. As a writer, I paint my world with colours defined by words. As a mother, I enjoy conversations with babies and children generally. A poet, content developer, administrator and one given to details. Contact me via email: imaniking[@]; Blog:; Twitter: @imaniking and Instagram: @imaniking02

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