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  Twitter has struggled with monetizing its platform in the past decade and a half but given its announcement in the past week, it may have just cracked the code on that. Twitter announced last week at a platform for investors and analysts that the new features, ‘Super Follows’ and ‘Communities’ will be the newest updates to its app.
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‘Super Follows’ allows users to offer extra perks/content on their tweets to their followers in return for a token fee. It appears the idea is still in development, however. This is due to the fact that there is no announced date for the updates. The feature feeds into a model that has worked out just fine for platforms like Facebook (since recently, of course) and Google’s YouTube. Patreon has been very useful for users across all of social media to earn from their followers while offering perks in return. Even GitHub now allows users to earn from the content they create. A cursory look at Twitter will tell you that the new feature may be long overdue both for Twitter and user. But it is not the only feature on cue to be introduced. Twitter has also announced that it would be creating a new feature called ‘communities’ in a move that is strikingly similar to Facebook’s Groups’. Users can now join communities that centre discourse on topics they prefer and enjoy.
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The Twitter feature, according to the company, will allow you to see more tweets focused on the said topics. Facebook’s Group’ feature has been very successful across the world for the community feeling it recreates in the virtual world. Twitter’s own iteration could prove practically useful especially for familiarizing new users with the conversation-based platform which appears unusually open-ended in nature especially for most new users who are probably already familiar with Facebook. As of now, there is no ETA to both new features but Twitter presented mock-ups to give insiders a good idea as to how it will look and feel. The new features will be good for the company’s bottom line in the long run and boost revenue as well as diversify its income stream away from ads. Twitter has struggled with generating revenue in the same mould as other prominent social networks like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Featured Image Source: India TV
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This article was first published on 1st March 2021


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