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  People prefer to visit the zoo in the dry season when the chances of rain are the least. During this period, some Nigerians prefer to organize events at the zoo, like wedding receptions, group hangouts, retreats, etc. Some people even go on dates to the Zoo. The general idea is to spend some time in nature.
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If your visit, however, is not for an event held in the zoo, then what to wear might be an issue. Of course, adventure movies like Indiana Jones or Jungle Cruise give us ideas of what to wear. But are they practicable? Here are our tips on what to wear to the zoo this dry season:
  • Sun Protection: The zoo often has few areas of shade provided by the trees. You will walk under the sun for most of the time spent at the zoo this season. That’s why you need to take a hat with a brim to cover your face, sunglasses to protect your eyes, and sunscreen to protect your skin. The hat can be a face cap for boys and a sun hat for girls. It is important to minimize the impact of direct sunlight on you. Also, take a lip balm for your lips because they crack in the dry season. Remember, you are in nature’s domain. You may also need to rub an insect repellant to keep sandflies, ants, and other tiny bugs away.
  • Clothing: In the Dry season, the weather is usually hot. So you may need to wear a short-sleeved T-shirt or blouse. Preferably light-coloured tops to reflect sunlight and keep cool because dark-coloured clothes do the opposite. Pair your top with light-coloured loose shorts or capris (what we Nigerians call three-quarters). Cargo shorts with multiple pockets are also perfect because you can keep items like lip balm, bandage, etc. in each pocket. If you must wear trousers, choose one whose material is flexible and can allow you to crouch, climb or bend freely without ripping. Also, a breezy skirt or comfortable sundress will work. Avoid tight, overly revealing, or offensive clothes. E.g. tight pants that could rip, see-through clothing, t-shirts with offensive language. Also, short skirts, dresses, and shorts could ride up your thighs inappropriately when you have to bend or climb.

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  • Shoes: Walking is the major way to get around the zoo. And to do so without blisters, wearing Light sandals, sneakers, flats or flip-flops is probably your best bet. It is also ideal to wear waterproof shoes with arch support and breathability. Avoid shoes that are too tight or too loose, they can cause blisters.
  • Accessories: Keep accessories to the bare minimum. Avoid wearing dangling jewellery like earrings or necklaces when visiting the zoo. You might get up and close with some animals and you wouldn’t want a Mona monkey to yank them off you. If you are carrying a camera, use a neck strap. That way, your hands are free to do other things and the camera is close by for a spontaneous shot. As for the choice of bag to take to the zoo, opt for a fanny pack or a small backpack. This comes in handy if your pockets are full.
Let comfort be your watchword when choosing what to wear to the zoo. Tell us in the comments if this article was helpful. Source: Relationship Fire College fashion Wiki How Our everyday Life Featured Image Source: Daily Trust NG
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This article was first published on 11th December 2021


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