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  Every traveler has that one quirk that defines who they are. The quirk is what they engage in that makes their trips seem worthwhile to them. If you are wondering what type of traveler you are, consider your unique trait that explains what you are like. Here are some traveler idiosyncrasies you can associate with.

Luxury Lover

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In this economy where things are hard, some tour deals will get you saying what?! To your surprise, people are willing to pay over 900,000 or a million just to part take in those deals. So why would people be willing to spend so much on a vacation? Simple, because it comes with luxury benefits. Trips offering business class tickets, or even economy tickets with access to airport lounges, 5-star hotel accommodation, beach view, etc. are right up their alley. If exclusivity and high-end travel services appeal to you, then you are most likely a luxury traveler.  


These like visiting malls, supermarkets, local markets, manufacturing industries, and shops whenever they travel. A trip is not complete until they have bought a souvenir for themselves or a gift for a friend. Sometimes, they want to take food or spices from where ever they visit home with them as a memento of the trip they just embarked on. If you find any travel trip incomplete without an opportunity to go shopping, then you are a shop-loving traveler, and shopping festivals are right up your alley.  


Have you found yourself uncomfortable with a travel plan that doesn’t clearly state where you would get meals to eat? Then you are a foodie. Foodies prioritize travel plans with clearly defined meal plans. They want to know what type of meals they can get, the ease of accessibility to meals, and the range of meals to explore. Visiting eateries is also high in their itinerary.

Culture Lover

These travelers like to be immersed in the culture of the places they visit. They don’t mind visiting during off-peak periods or visiting metropolitan cities. All they want is just to have a non-mainstream experience of exploring another locality they are visiting. If extending the time of their vacation would allow them to experience more of a place’s culture, they would do it.
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They prioritize visiting art galleries, museums, local markets, and historical sites. Hiring travel guides who will tell them the stories behind the monuments around town or at every junction is important to them.


This group of travelers enjoys working with an already planned itinerary. They don’t enjoy taking the initiative on trips and just go with the flow. If there are changes to the plans, they don’t mind. What they are after is being swept off their feet by the experience. They usually like to sign up for group trips where others add to the spice of the trip rather than a solo adventure.

The Social Butterfly

If you live for the gram, then you might just be a social butterfly. Any outing during the trip with a picturesque background that will look good on social media appeals to you. Sometimes, going to parties, festivals, or nightlife in a new city is all part of the material needed for photographs to share on the net. So any package that offers nightlife, bonfires, silent disco, or more is just what you are looking for.

Nature Lover

They love being in nature so much that any place with parks, conservation centers/animal sanctuaries, rivers, hills/mountains, forests, etc. appeals to them. They don’t mind being nomads, or pioneers exploring an uncharted course.
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Having a non-mainstream experience devoid of human communities is a tremendous appeal for them. They can go it alone or in a group of similar-minded people, e.g. the backpacker’s crew.

 Relaxation lovers

Are you among those who just want to escape from everyday routines and relax? Travel packages that have a spa, resorts, pools, beach sides, and more draw you in. As long as it will allow you to be lazy, it is right up your alley. You even judge the activities you will engage in based on if they will have a relaxing effect on you or not. You may have multiple quirks, and that is fine. It explains why a trip with multiple features appeals to you, too. Now that you have checked off your unique quirks, what kind of traveler do you think you are?  Source Travel earth Wanderlust designers Featured Image Source: Caribbean News Digital
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This article was first published on 10th June 2022 and updated on July 12th, 2022 at 5:10 pm


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