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TrafficButter_Logo TrafficButter, a Nigerian startup that helps motorists navigate traffic, has launched a new mobile app called the Traffic Butter Mobile App. Thew new app comes just a month after the company merged with JonnyWaka, another technology firm. The merger by the two firms gave birth to a single entity now known as TrafficButter. The company announced that it is motivated by the need to deliver to Nigerian road users, the best road traffic viewing and reporting experience possible using a cross-platform mobile application.   Uche Okafor, TrafficButter founder, said that the company is committed to reducing the burden of traffic congestion in Nigeria by making its app user-friendly and readily available on all platforms. “Our goal is simple; to help Nigerians navigate smarter and ease  the traffic stress by providing on-the-go traffic updates through an easy to use mobile app that captures traffic updates. TRAFFICBUTTER-APP-SPLASH-SC “We plan to do this by making significant investments in technology, including tools for more stress-free commuting. With our deep expertise in mobile engineering, our mobile app users will benefit from improved personalization and more interactive road traffic viewing and reporting. “In the last 2 months, we have invested in more advanced technology and have designed and developed a new mobile app called the TRAFFIC BUTTER MOBILE APP for use on Android, BlackBerry, and iOS,” Mr. Okafor said. TrafficButter Mobile App is a community-driven mobile App. Updates are crowd-sourced by users as well as by the TrafficButter team in real-time. The primary feature of the app is the precise presentation of traffic updates on the homepage and the map landing pages. Secondary features include Geo-location, chat, comments with location stamp for credibility on traffic reporting, and keyword search. Users can choose to follow roads that interest them, and receive notifications when there are new incidents on the roads they follow. A feature of the app rewards users for contributions to the app and to the community. Points are awarded for every contribution. These points can be exchanged for real-life items. “With our partnership with several exciting local and international brands, we intend to enable our users convert their TrafficButter to exciting goods and services that they can use and enjoy.” The company hopes that, someday, users might be able to exchange their TrafficButter points for a car of their dreams. The TrafficButter Mobile App is available for download for Blackberry devices, Android devices, Apple iPads and iPhones. The app will officially launch tomorrow, Thursday 27th February 2014. It is available in each of the above app stores. Visit and for more information on the app.  

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This article was first published on 26th February 2014

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