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  A lot of solutions have been built around other sectors in tech but not much has been done in traffic management solutions.
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Tracking traffic offenders in Lagos with technological devices, Traffic Management Solution (TMS) is a new technology platform that provides solutions for all traffic-related matters. The Lagos State Government plans to deploy Traffic Management Solution (TMS) devices that are capable of capturing evidence on traffic offenders, reducing gridlocks, and exposing corrupt government officials. Frederic Oladeinde, who is the Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation,  explained that the TMS device is a handheld device that can capture real-time picture and video evidence of traffic violations. And just like with a double-edged sword, these devices are able to process payment of fines by traffic offenders who have been found violating traffic codes. This translates to mean that payments will now be made directly to the government through the POS-like device as a way of shutting down extortion or corruption by traffic enforcement officials. The offenders can also check their offences on the TMS websites or through the TMS app as well as challenge the penalties awarded against them in court. Another advantage of the innovation is that it will eradicate the constant controversy between traffic law enforcement officers and violators because video and pictorial evidence will be readily available as exhibits. The officials ascertained that electronic payment of fines only guarantee the clearance of a violation from the violators’ list.
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Oladeinde believes that strict compliance with traffic code as well as traffic law enforcement by officials has the potential of drastically reducing traffic jams in Lagos. The TMS device hopes to solve traffic jam problems by curbing these behaviours. Another startup in the traffic management space in Lagos, PayVis, was introduced in January 2021 to help track traffic offenders within Lagos State. Using cameras mounted beside traffic lights, PayVis detects plate numbers of traffic offenders. However, the TMS devices are expected to do more than just detect traffic violations. TMS not only educates the public on traffic laws, rights of commuters, and the corresponding fines payable by each; other road users can as well play a part in solving traffic challenges by using the TMS’ ‘Eye Witness’ feature on the Mobile App to report officers’ misconduct, bad roads, broken down vehicles, faulty traffic lights, faded road markings, dysfunctional traffic lights and any other situation that may obstruct free flow of traffic or cause road accident. Among other things, the app is able to check for compliance by highlighting motorists with fake number plates vehicle licenses through electronic verification. This technology will assist in clamping down on motorists with fake licenses and number plates as well as reducing the rackets. Only recognised Lagos traffic officers and personnel such as the Traffic police, Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) will be engaged in deploying and effectively using this TMS device. With a website and a mobile App, road users and other Lagos residents can download the TMS app from Google Play Store. Featured Image Source: Premium Times NG
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This article was first published on 19th July 2021


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