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  One of the attractions Delta State is known for is the ‘beaches’ in Abraka town formed along the River Ethiope. The waters from this river are crystal clear and mirror the beauty of the Wikki Warm Springs in Yankari National Park. If you haven’t visited any of the beaches Abraka is known for, we have decided to tell you about one of them called McCarthy Beach.
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Here are a few facts you should know about McCarthy Beach:
  • The Journey

You can go by road or by train to Abraka town where the beaches are located. By train, you would have to get to Ojewu town at Orhunwuru axis to board it. It takes roughly 50 mins to get there by train. A road trip to Abraka is roughly an hour 30 mins from Warri if you are driving at less than 100km/hour. The road is not smooth and some parts need more work to be done on them. That’s why the best time to visit the humble town is the dry season. This way you can see the road better and know how to navigate it easier. There are checkpoints along the road so fear not when you get to them. When you get to Abraka town, the landmark you should look for on your way to the beach is the Delta State University campus. The road to the beach is just opposite the tail end of the campus fence.
  • The Beach

The entrance to McCarthy beach is beautiful and inviting. The flowers and landscaping at the entrance give the impression that a lot has been invested into the maintenance and ambience of the place. There is enough space in the parking lot for cars and bikes. The entrance rates here are N1000 per adult and N500 per kid. Children that can be carried, presumably 2 years and below get to enter free. You are free to bring food into the area but for every drink you carry, there is a fee attached to it. If you forget to bring a swimsuit, hat, floater, beach ball, snacks, ice cream, etc., there are shops within to purchase from. You can even rent a rubber floater to swim with if purchasing is outside your budget. There are also tables and chairs in seating areas to settle into. For those who want to spend the night, Gordon’s resort is just close by on a different turn from the beach.
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  • The Activities

Swimming – There is a swimming pool for kids to play in rather than swim in the river. The river also has two segments, the shallow and deep ends. The shallow end is clear with white sand bottom and a few tiny fishes that swim in the less crowded area. The deep end is where the speedboats and jet-ski happen. The water here has two colours and the dark green portion is due to the grass growing at the base of the river. Boating – If getting into the water isn’t your thing, you can opt for a boating experience. You can either ride a canoe, a speedboat or get on a jet ski. The small speed boat costs N5000 for four persons to ride. Beach Volleyball – In the middle of the seating area, is a wide space with a volleyball net & post. Another great activity for a group outing. Paintball – Between the two sides of the river, is a caged arena for paintballing. You have to pay about N2000 for 10 bullets and the gear to use for the activity. It is a fun activity for a party of two, four or more. Beach Football – There is enough space at this beach to play football. It is especially fun for those who are on a group outing. This space is far from the seating area so you don’t have to worry about the ball hitting those on the sidelines. Photos/videos – There are places where you can take amazing photos and make cool videos. There is the statue at the entrance within the beach, a photo booth section, the bridge across the first part of the river, the walkway along the deeper side of the river and a floating bed. Note: the prices listed in this article are subject to change with time. At least you have an idea of the minimum amount to take with you for an outing at McCarthy beach resort. Have you been to this spot? Share your first experience with us. Featured Image Source: Gordon Resort Hotel
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This article was first published on 20th January 2022


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