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Insurtech combines two words “insurance” and “technology,” to form Insurance technology. Insurtech refers to the use of technological innovations built to make existing insurance models more efficient and effective. Simply put, it applies technology to how insurance works. Insurtechseeks to enhance insurance practices and automate their everyday activities. Also, it streamlines policies, and social insurance, and uses new data from Internet-enabled devices to dynamically price premiums according to noted behaviour. Thereby making the overall insurance process seamless and efficient.

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Unfortunately, the industry remains an uncharted territory that has vast potential. These potentials remain untapped because of the low rate of insurance adoption in Africa, most especially in Nigeria. A lot of Nigerians see insurance as something they can’t afford, like a luxury. Lack of trust in the system, poor product fit, lack of education on insurance benefits and many more are also reasons people don’t seem to bite the insurance baits.

To fast track, the rate of insurance adoption in Nigeria, many innovators and tech enthusiasts have come up with different startups as solutions. These startups aim to drive insurance adoption through technology in Nigeria. They include the following,


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Cassava’s insurance products include both general and life insurance services. The insurtech is registered with the National Insurance Commission in Nigeria ( NAICOM). Cassava provides its clients with easy, cheap, transparent and convenient insurance.

A key part of cassava’s insurance is its income protection product. In other words, the platform protects workers’ income/ salaries when they lose their jobs. Workers who earn₦30,000 and above can have their income insured against job loss. In the event of this, they get paid up to 75% of their salary for up to 6 months.


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AutoGenius Insurance is an automobile-based insurance agency that offers its customers convenient and transparent access to different kinds of insurance. Its insurance products include auto insurance, insurance brokerage, and comparison and claim services.

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AutoGenius partners with different insurance companies in Nigeria to provide quick and convenient insurance policies for Nigerians. In addition, it collaborates with Bolt to provide insurance cover for both riders and drivers while using the Bolt ride.


PaddyCover Provides cheap, accessible and flexible insurance packages for its customers. Its products cover health insurance, vehicle insurance, and house insurance. Paddycover has three subscription options; daily, Weekly or Monthly. Its Pay-as-you-go subscription model enables low-income earners in Nigeria to be able to access quality insurance services. For instance, you can get a weekly Car Insurance from as low as N150 per week OR Health Insurance as low as N3500 per month. Moreover, its health insurance features top-notch hospitals that deliver quality and flexible health services to their insurers. PaddyCover vehicles and home insurance help insurers own a car and a house respectively.


Kesho VC

Octamile enables both insurance-based and non-insurance based businesses to protect African consumers from financial loss. The platform allows non-insurance businesses to provide insurance products as part of their pre-existing products.

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For insurance businesses, Octamile offers them data and technology that can help with customer experience, administrative costs, and the profitability of their insurance portfolio.


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Curacel is a Nigerian based Insurtech platform that leverages the power of AIto to offer various insurance services. It is ranked among the top 100 insurtech platforms in the world. Its insurance products include health, travel, auto, and security. It was established in 2019, by Henry Mascot and John Dadato to drive insurance inclusion in Africa using technology. Curacel has an easy-to-use interface that automates the insurance process for insurers. Through its platform, users can keep track of claims, and check fraud, waste and abuse (FWA). Also, it has partnered with over ten insurance companies in Africa, helped 600+ hospitals and processed over seven hundred insurance claims while curbing unnecessary ones. Featured Image Source: The Guardian Nigerian News
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This article was first published on 6th June 2022


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