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In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, everyone has been forced to make adjustments to the lifestyles we have all come to be used to. However, some institutions have gained more than others. While families will get closer in this period, businesses will not have it so good and it might be depressing for business owners. So we thought it proper to enunciate some salient thoughts for businesses to brood over as they push through this tough phase.

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1. Remote Work

As many have been forced to expedite work-from-home policies in this period, we can discount that it may serve as a testing phase for many traditional businesses who may be seeking to cut down on overhead costs somehow. The arguments for an on-site office arrangement is well documented together with all its benefits but the Lagos business environment may mean that remote work might be a measure around terrible traffic and high cost of accommodation as well as exorbitant transport costs for most commuters who do not make much anyways.

2. Internet Optimization

Remote work would among other things increase the dependence of businesses on the internet and this is something many businesses may have to ponder if they would survive this dry period. This means business execs may have to consider among other things facilitating the connectivity of employees as this might be an essential part of the compensation package moving forward as well as a precursor to the future of the labour market. Small businesses which are not already internet-based will hasten to do that when this is over.

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4. Personal and Public Hygiene

We would have to hope that the message of washing hands will survive and stay with people for the longest time, virus or no virus. Social distancing may not last beyond this tense phase given human nature but our hygiene levels must not drop and we must not get careless.

5. Human Solidarity

It is such times of great despair and great need that humanity usually redeems itself. While the elite Nigerians and celebrities have slowly but surely risen to the occasion, we must spare a thought for those who have gone out of their way to provide much-needed help with manpower and equipment as well as facilities. In moments like this in history, we are reminded of the saying “I am because you are” which remind us how connected we are even as we are far removed from each other. It is my genuine hope that we do not forget these lessons in the coming months and years after this pandemic.

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This article was first published on 30th March 2020


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