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One thing Easter comes with is enough time to take on certain adventures that a weekend simply won’t be enough for. It may not be as long as your annual leave, but it is long enough to go on an adventure. Below are the five top places to visit this Easter. 

Kajuru Castle

The thought of a medieval-style castle in Nigeria is enchanting to everyone hearing of Kajuru Castle for the first time. One of the coolest parts of visiting this location is the train ride from the metro station at Abuja. Another cool side of this is the hike up the hill to get to the castle, swimming in the pool with a view and the features of the castle like the crocodile pit, dungeons and all. It is best for group vacation and what group is best to visit this self-serving sweet spot than family during Easter?

Yankari Game Reserve

Bauchi is a treasure trove of sights to see. And because Yankari is its pride, it is ideal for an Easter visit. You get to spend the night in a chalet and take a safari ride to see all the animals gather at the watering hole since the rainy season hasn’t quite kicked in yet. You could take a dip in the beautiful Wikki Warm Springs and discover more about the creatures and other warm springs in the reserve from the museum. 

Abraka Turf and Country Club

Although this is a more high-end place to visit unlike MacCarthy Beach in the same Abraka, it is definitely worth the cash. This world-class equestrian haven gives you the chance to explore River Ethiope, probably engage in some water sports, visit museums, go horseback riding, have a picnic and spend a few nights with a picturesque view all around you. To cut down on cost, you can sleep in any hotel in Abraka but spend your day at the resort and it would still be a blast.


This border town is full of historic attractions. From the Boat Cruise to Gberefu Island Beach, the Slave Museum, Baracoon, the First Storey Building, the Mini Zoo and the Swimming Pool to partaking in the Freedom Walk to the Point of No Return and chilling at Whispering Palms Resort, Badagry is full of fun things to do. It might be far from Lagos Mainland or Island but with the Easter break, visiting is a piece of cake.

Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu is always a choice destination because of its features like the Cable Car, the Holy Mountain, the swimming pool down below, the waterfall and the canopy walkway. Here you get your head in the cloud literally. You are sure of a hike, a drive on Snake Road and an amazing overview of the resort. It is tempting to think you can dash out of Obudu Mountain resort to the Cross Rivers National Park to see their attractions. But Obudu has enough to keep you very occupied.

The beauty of visiting these locations during Easter is you can travel there on Friday and travel back on Sunday or Monday. But these trips work for Easter only if you live in the neighbouring states otherwise you will need about 7 days if you intend to spend more than two nights there. So what are you waiting for?

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This article was first published on 19th April 2019


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