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It is the start of a new year and it’s normal for almost everyone to have resolutions. Resolutions ranging from the decision to keep physically and mentally fit, be more productive with time, network more and improve on people skills, to having financial targets that require more discipline with money.

Whatever your targets for this new year are, we have curated some apps to enable you to check off all your resolutions before the year runs out!


Health, they say, is wealth. If you want to be deliberate about what you eat and the physical activities you do, this app is for you! It contains the calorie count of more than five million foods to enable you to make better choices on what to eat. It also contains over 350 exercises you can do in all situations while also allowing you to share or get tips from friends and family.

Download: iOS and Android

This app is for anyone interested in being more productive with their time. It will help you keep track of your time and events with helpful reminders. And for accountability, you can share your lists with friends and family. That way you have people to encourage you when you begin to slack. And for repetitive tasks like buying airtime or scheduling appointments, the app can do that for you automatically.

Download: iOS and Android


If you want to improve your saving habit, Cowrywise is just the app for you. The app is an online savings and investment app that helps you save and invest money easily. It makes saving money regularly easier by helping in automating the process. It doesn’t only help you automate your savings but the interests accrued to savings on the app are usually higher than interest from a bank savings account.

Download: iOS and Android


HabitBull will help you build a habit around whatever thing you desire. It does so by helping you track goals and habits you want to quit, notifies you for when you need to take action, and exposes you to forums of people with similar goals like yours. It also provides handy graphs from which you can monitor your progress and stay motivated to keep pushing.

Download: iOS and Android


Making to-do lists are inarguably one of the surest ways to monitor and prioritize whatever goals you set for yourself. This apps gives you a simple but powerful way of creating a to-do list with little distracting app features.

Download: iOS and Android


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This article was first published on 11th January 2019


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