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With tech, the days of poor medical service and lack of knowledge on health issues are almost over. There are innovative platforms put in place where the average man can now receive medical attention with ease and without the usual setbacks that come with visiting hospital with poor facilities. It even gets better as health has been brought to the mobile scene. People can now access quality medical service from the comfort of their homes and in reasonable time. Here are some mobile apps which are taking medical care to the next level:


Omomi (Meaning “My Child” in Yoruba) is a health platform which enables parents to monitor their children’s health with the help of a SmartPhone.  The app was designed with the child’s health in mind and has all the important features that cover all of WHO’s childhood survival strategies. It ensures that a woman’s health is covered right from pregnancy to childbirth and beyond. It is also the go-to platform for child health information on key themes such as breastfeeding, child growth, and nutrition, food supplementation, and the management of diarrhoea. Moreover, Omomi serves as a reminder for immunization visits and also has a GPS locator of the nearest hospitals to facilitate emergency health care.  


Making its entrance into the Nigerian medical healthcare scene in 2016, Hudibia bridges the gap between patient and doctors by providing medical care without the initial problems that come with directly going to the hospital. Hudibia was founded by Ahjoku Amadi-Obi, a medical doctor, and researcher of Telemedicine in Nigeria. He founded the app with the motive of enabling anyone search for a doctor anywhere in the world, book medical appointments, and have live consultations. Hudibia is designed to reach a wide audience as it has translator icons for Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo. The most interesting feature on the app is the ability for patients to have their consultations with doctors via live video stream. The app also stores patients’ records like a real hospital and securely transfers them to other healthcare providers when required. Quality of medical care on the platform is monitored through ratings and tracking of hospitals’ and doctors’ performance. With drug delivery, maternal/child health care, and all these other systems in place, Hudibia is making “contacting the doctor” a less herculean task.  


FIND-A-MED Inspired by the need to foster improvement in the Nigerian healthcare sector, Emeka Onyenwe founded Find-A-Med in 2014. Like Hudibia, Find-A-Med has over 5000 registered medical centres giving users access to a host of hospitals, caregivers, pharmacies, doctors, laboratories and other medical facilities and services. Just as the name implies, Find-A-Med serves as a directory for users to locate hospitals and medical centres with ease. In addition, the catalogue of reviewed medical centres on the app ensures that individuals make informed decisions when choosing a medical platform.  


25 Doctors has succeeded in bringing both a Nigerian and International audience together for the sake of health. The service was founded by Charles Davies Omiete, a medical doctor. Together with a team of online doctors, Charles provides valuable information to the public on health and medical facts. They have succeeded in enabling individuals to learn very basic things about their body in a fun and easy manner. In 2016, 25 Doctors launched its mobile app. The app provides users with information on human anatomy, diet and weight loss, lifestyle, life hacks and more. Users can also get familiar with the medical jargon and play interactive quizzes which are answered once submitted. With these services and many more, 25 Doctors is rapidly growing to become a globally recognized health brand providing the public with health-related knowledge.  


Kangpe People get on Kangpe  through their mobile phones, type in the medical questions that bug them and have them answered by medical staff for a small fee within 10 minutes or less. Three friends, Femi Kuti, Ope Olumekan, and Matthew Mayaki launched the Kangpe app in 2015. However, they resolved to take the idea even further by transforming it into an advice-giving platform for all health-related questions. The service does not only provide answers to health questions, but also issues referrals for patients to see doctors. Kangpe operates in Ghana and Kenya as well and has over 100 thousand downloads on Google PlayStore. In a nutshell, the Kangpe founders plan to provide Africans with the best medical care possible at reasonable price points.

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This article was first published on 20th July 2018 and updated on July 23rd, 2018 at 11:14 am


My name is Samuel Okoruwa. I am an ardent researcher, reading is life and writing is fun.

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One thought on “Top 5 Apps For Health Care”

  • Lovely should also check medPlan mobile app on playstore. It’s an app tailored for patients.
    medPlan aims at making patients active participants in their healthcare. It has various features such as a medication reminder, autosaved medication use history which is very helpful for medication therapy management, a feature to save their health measurements eg blood pressure, sugar level, weight, pulse rate viral load, etc, a feature to save their next doctors appointment and get reminded, a health note feature to document personal medication experiences eg side effects…and lots more..

    It’s a great app which has saved lives..developed by Pharmacist Lisa Onuwabhagbe and Engineer John Mote.

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