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Nigeria is blessed with abundant tourism opportunities in almost every segment of the country. Today our focus is on the oil-rich south-south geopolitical zone in Nigeria. The southern states in Nigeria include Edo State, Bayelsa State, Cross River State, Akwa Ibom State, Delta State and Rivers State. Some of these places have multiple attractions but we will highlight  our top 12 destinations. If you live down south and do not have the funds to travel far, this article is for you.  Here are the must-see attractions in Nigeria’s south-south:

akwa ibom state

  1. Ibeno Beach – Located in the city of Uyo, this picturesque low tide beach with lovely white sand is a sight to behold. The aquamarine waters flow into the Atlantic ocean. There are also recreational facilities at this beach making it ideal for water sports. It is considered the longest beaches in Africa.
  2. Ibom Plaza – Also in Uyo, this plaza is great for shopping, spotting local celebrities, taking cool pictures with the symbolic artistic monument in the plaza centre. The unique selection of flower array along with the double-rolled water fountain brings a dazzle to this place.

cross river state

  1. Obudu Mountain Resort – On the Obudu Plateau in Obanliku LGA, north of Cross River, this resort is a choice destination in the country. It has swimming pools (kids and adults), waterfalls, mountains to climb, a canopy walkway, a cable car ride, an on-site gym, babysitting/child services, a golf course, amongst others. It is perfect for honeymooner and family vacation as it encourages hiking, driving up the Devil’s Elbow, etc.
  2. Tinapa Free Trade Zone and Resort – This business and Leisure Resort is dazzling. It has a water park, an artificial lake, fun-looking statues and an entertainment strip comprising a casino, an Eight-Screen Cinema, a children’s arcade, restaurants and a mini amphitheatre, etc. The breath-taking architectural design makes this place a tourist’s delight.

bayelsa state

  1. Akassa Slave Transit Camp and Tunnel – Just like the slave port in Badagry, Lagos and Marina beach, Calabar, this camp once housed slaves shipped off to the Caribbeans and America. The solid iron and brick houses, the restraining fettered chains and tunnel where slaves were stoked away shed more practical light on the history of an era in Nigeria never to be forgotten.
  2. Ox-bow Lake Resort – Located in Bayelsa’s capital, Yenegoa, this calm lake is an inviting waterfront. It is near a galleria of cinemas and arts. Its facilities make it a great spot for swimming or boat rides and it is open all day. Along the waterfront, the view of the coastal city is mesmerising and you can get access to variety of local cuisines and barbecue grills. It is a fun place for tourists to relax.

Rivers state

  1. Port Harcourt Tourist beach– This artificial beach is a leisure hub for tourists. It has bush bars and restaurants that offer fresh palm wine and other Nigerian cuisines. Tour guides are available to take you around, sporting equipment for water sports, cultural displays and other local entertainments.
  2. The YorwiksKono Beach– Found on the coast of Kana in the Ogoni LGA, which is about 72 km from Port Harcourt, is another great place for tourists. This natural beach has a long stretch of white sand and a gorgeous blue waterKono. It is ideal for sunbathing, surfing, swimming and going on a jet ski.

delta state

  1. Abraka Turf and Country Club – Reputed to be Nigeria’s only equestrian country club, it is surrounded by a rich tropical rainforest and in the valley of River Ethiope. This location is home to a horse club which features International Polo Tournament almost every year. Situated at Abraka, this spot with its pristine waters allows you to go swimming, fishing, kayaking, golfing, deep water diving and horse riding. Enjoy a tropical sunrise when you lodge in their villas and chalets and have a relaxing picnic by the waterside during the day.
  2. Otuogo Beach – Located in Asaba, this beach has sparkling sand, ample palm trees and tropical plants. Making it the ideal location for a swim, family picnic and relaxation. Capturing nature at its best in photography as the River Niger empties into the Atlantic Ocean through multiple creeks.

edo state

  1. Kings Square – The beauty of Kings Square lies in its access to multiple attractions in the state and some amazing monuments like the Emotan Statue. From Kings Square, you can visit the Oba’s Palace, Igun Street, and the National Benin Museum. In just this one location, you get to see Culture and History merge with Modernisation.
  2. Okomu National Eco-Tourism Park – This park is about two hours drive from Benin City. It boasts of 33 different mammals including forest elephants, antelopes, buffaloes, bush babies, river hogs, and many more. Its most popular attraction is the White Throated Monkey (which is an endangered species). It also has over 150 bird species which makes it great for bird watchers. Besides the river, there is a swimming pool, a meeting hall, a tree house that lets you see the whole park at a glance and chalets/hostel accommodation for sleepovers.

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This article was first published on 11th June 2018


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