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By Oreoluwa MrsDiva Adekoya
The fact that he’s a gentleman does not mean he’s perfect. Don’t date a guy because he’s a gentleman; that’s not a substitute for real character, but all the same, being a gentleman is an added bonus. Ladies, we’ve compromised on a few of these things before, I definitely have but it’s time to say no! A couple of things on the list are excusable though’. All in all, have a good laugh at all the boys who call themselves gentlemen! Enjoy… 1.) Expect you to come over to his house… especially when he knows he’s going to be alone. 2.) Complain that you don’t call him… excuse me??? Who is toasting who? It doesn’t mean I shouldn’t call you, but don’t complain if I don’t! 3.) Call you frequently on Starcomms/MTN/Celtel/Whatever “free call” and doesn’t call with his credit either… cheap skate! 4.) ‘Scope’ other girls in front of you… gosh, if you marry him, he’d probably cheat! 5.) Give you two days or less notice for a date… err, just in case you didn’t know, I have things to do too! 6.) Act like, or expect you to act like you’re going out when he hasn’t even asked. That includes among others, frowning when other guys call you, or even asking you not to go out with other guys… believe me, guys do this all the time, and it’s so not right! 7.) Try to kiss you or make out with you when no commitment has been made… that’s lack of respect! 8.) Get you nothing for your birthday/Vals day… except he’s jobless, broke or stupid that’s automatic disqualification! Those are the two most important days in a girl’s year…. c’mon, even a N1,500 Victoria’s Secret spray would do. 9.) Reads your text messages … show a lack of trust. 10.) Use swear words… that’s so ‘ungentlemanly’! 11.) Be inattentive when you talk, or interrupt you while you are talking…shows he doesn’t regard you, probably more interested in your physical appearance. 12.) And please, what happened to the basics of opening the door for you, helping you with your seat, or even giving up his seat for you? These things may be old fashioned, but they go a long way. P.S. This list is not at all exhaustive, just my thoughts, Please feel free to add yours!   This article was originally posted on    

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This article was first published on 28th March 2013

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