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  Cancer has been a popular subject in medical parlance. In the ordinary sense, it is almost synonymous with a death sentence, and this is due to the erroneous claims that it’s incurable.
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Cancer is simply known as the inflammation of body cells; this implies that it can come from different parts of the body since living organisms are made of cells as the smallest unit. However, cancer can be cured provided it is detected earlier. Amongst women, the most common form of cancer is breast cancer. To prevent a future scare, here are the top 10 signs of breast cancer to look out for.
  1. Lump In The Breast Or Underarm

This does not refer to an all-around lumpy breast, sometimes, a tissue in the breast may become swollen and lumpy. A lump might not necessarily mean cancer but it is advisable to visit the doctor if you notice that there are changes in the texture of the breast not caused by a menstrual cycle. Lumps are mostly painless, hard and with uneven edges but can be soft and smooth.
  1. Redness In The Nipple Or Breast Area

You need not panic if your nipple or breast area becomes reddish. A tender area or rash on your breast might often be a sign of a much common problem like an infection such as mastitis. In other cases, it’s a symptom of a common, treatable skin condition. It could also signal an early inflammation of the breast cells; consult a doctor should you notice a reaction like that.
  1. Discharge From Nipple

If you notice you begin to discharge fluids from your nipples that aren’t breast milk, it is recommended you visit your doctor as soon as possible. You should treat the situation as urgent if the discharge is made without pressing the breasts or nipple, it happens for a single breast and not the pair, and it contains blood. If it does not mean cancer, it might need other medical attention.
  1. Change In The Size Of The Breast

Most times, inflammation other than hormonal changes caused by menstruation, can cause the breasts to increase in size. This could be misleading for most women. If this recurs for over a week, you might need to raise an alarm.
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  1. Pain In The Breast

Most times, breast cancer symptoms come as painless at first before they begin to hurt, over time. When you notice a shape recurring pain around your breast area that seems not to feel like the regular tenderness caused by post-menstrual syndrome, consult your nearby clinic.
  1. Irritation Around Breast Skin

The most common symptom of inflammation is irritation around the skin. Although a breast itch might not necessarily mean a sign of breast cancer, it could also be caused by wearing a wrong fitting or dirty bra. Supposing, the irritation persists, take a test.
  1. Skin Dimpling

Dimpling of the breast tissue can be a sign of a serious form of cancer known as inflammatory breast cancer. Also known as peau d’orange, dimpling of the breast causes the skin to look like the pitting and uneven skin of an orange. Sometimes, the skin can also be red and inflamed
  1. Nipple Retraction

Nipple retraction also called nipple inversion, invaginated nipple, or inverted nipple is the name given when the point of the breast turns inward or become inverted. The condition can be the result of inflammation or scarring of the tissue behind the nipple and caused by numerous conditions, not just cancer. Nipple retraction occurs when the tumour attacks the duct behind the nipple, pulling it in.
  1. Prominent Veins On Skin Surface

In the case of breast cancer, the veins that make up some of the tissues and are on the surface of the skin begin to show much prominently. It becomes very obvious for women with lighter skin tones.
  1. Burning Sensation

Aside from recurrent sharp pains, when breast cancer happens especially at the second stage, one begins to feel a burning sensation in the chest that could be very uncomfortable. Now that you know the signs of breast cancer, it is recommended that you make regular checks of the mentioned signs for early detection. Remember: Prevention is better than cure. Featured Image Source: Healthline
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This article was first published on 22nd July 2021


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