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Nigeria has always been blessed with creative talents in every sector of our entertainment industry. This is even more apparent when we look at the animation industry. Breathtaking work is being done with quality that could rival larger, better-funded organizations in developed countries. Best of all, our own unique stories are being told in ways that would’ve been impossible to replicate from outsiders. With that in mind, take a look at these must-watch cartoons:

Orange City

This short film shows the Nigerian experience through the eyes of an upcoming Afrobeat artiste. It’s made to be relatable in its portrayal of the typical experience in search of the Nigerian dream. Somto Ajuluchukwu of Vortex Animation is behind this masterpiece.

FreakTheFxxkOut (FTFO)

This is a series of comics and short animated videos that are loosely in the horror genre. It contains scenes that many could find disturbing, while some could find them exhilarating. However, it’s clear to see that it’s brimming with creativity and excellent execution. It was created by Kanso Ogbolu of OBK Studios.

Watch it on Instagram here.

Global Warming

Quadron Studios, the creators of “Skelebe” (the Lagos mouse) created a handy video that explains the concept of global warming. Its format is geared towards children and is meant to make such an important topic easy to absorb for them. It was done for VisionScape, a world leader in providing environmentally friendly solutions and resources.

Malika: Warrior Queen

Malika tells the story of a 15th century west African Queen and Military
Commander of a vast fictional empire. She has to navigate through complex threats that exist within and outside her kingdom. It boasts the presence of seasoned Nollywood actors such as Adesua Etomi-Wellington and Femi Branch. It was produced by YouNeek Studios in conjunction with Anthill Studios.

Hero Corps

Hero Corps is an animated series by Spoof Animation that shows the sci-fi
adventures of four heroes. These fictional heroes all have their unique
backgrounds that are conveniently woven into that of a typical modern African. They’re all characters from the SPOOF Comics Universe which keeps expanding. It promises to be a great watch!

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Town Crier

This short film tells the story of a news station popular for wacky news stories in a fictional city similar to Lagos. The station gets acquired by an annoying lady who makes matters extra crazy. This is the work of Vortex Animation.


Jagaban is a classic sci-fi flick that follows the story of a young boy who must overcome challenges to prove himself worthy of a powerful figure. It’s produced by Nurdin Momodu of LotusFly Animations.

Lands of Gods

This is a short film in which a young girl wakes up to a strange sound and enters an unknown, mystical world. This was also done by Vortex Animations.

Bubu & Fawol

Bubu & Fawol is a comedic series starring Bubu, a northern Nigerian guy, and a talking chicken. It’s great bite-sized entertainment at about one minute per episode. It’s the latest series to emerge from the highly popular Ajebo Toons Animations.

Splendid TV

Splendid TV is a platform of numerous animated series and short films that are mostly humourous. They tend to be very relatable with the lives of everyday Nigerians and often have numerous pop culture references.

These cartoons were proudly made by Nigerian Companies and Animators.
Therefore, their good work should be supported by the local audience
(especially fans of animated content) in whichever way possible. The new
decade is sure to bring more innovative, diverse, and exciting projects to rave about. Judging by these cartoons, the Nigerian animation industry seems set to achieve its obvious potential.

Featured image source: The Blerd Gurl

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This article was first published on 10th January 2020 and updated on January 13th, 2020 at 3:56 pm


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