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Looking for a where to spend the honey month or honey weeks with le boo to consume daily cup of mead? As a woman, you dreamed up that perfect atmosphere even before you became the girlfriend, you finally tied the knot with Brother Destiny after promising forever and always to each other, and now all you need is a place to put to use the million sparks you have flying around you. Somewhere you would be free at least for a while from unnecessary family quantas, intruding neighbors, amebo visitors, oversabi relatives. Well, search no further. Nigeria has a lot of avenues to provide. Here are Expeditions to new possibilities you can take advantage of:     1. Badagry:  Badagry, a coastal town in Lagos State is known for its beauty and aesthetics purposes.  The scenic setting of the town would leave you hunting for its cool breeze. The leftovers of slavery and its wonderful architectural housing design accompanied with beaches make it a place to visit. Whispering Palms Hotel, a beach hotel and resort set in Badagry, is a mesmerizing beach with palms everywhere to offer newlyweds an exotic sense of a hideaway. Also, located in Badagry is Sultan Beach, a hidden jewel you should explore with your partner.     2. Calabar: Known for its hospitality nature and cultural beauty, Calabar, Canaan City, the capital city of Cross River State, is a perfect honeymoon destination. Renowned for its famous Obudu Cattle Ranch also known as Obudu Mountain Resort, it’s the most appealing end point with its large expanse of land filled with exotic animals. The Marina Resort is a wonderful place to chill with your partner also.     3. Lagos: Lagos claims ownership to several travel spots. To those who do not mind spending their honeymoon in the city, why not pay a visit to Eko Tourist Beach Resort, a picture perfect resort that offers activities to you and your spouse. You can also visit La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, one of the finest hotel destinations in Nigeria. Also, there is Epe Resort and spa, a place that gives you full relaxation, and earthly paradise.     4. Abuja: Dreaming of ecstasy? Don’t reverie too far, just go to the capital city of Nigeria. From Abuja love garden, to its lounges, and its mountains, you would have so many options to choose from. Abuja Love Garden offers a romantic setting, while Sky Bar Rooftop Lounge tops the list of romantic destination spots in Abuja.     5. Enugu: Enugu simply means “ the top of the hill”. Fascination with nature would draw you to the Coal City. You can visit the Awhum Waterfall while you’re there, or the Nike Lake Resort which showcases breathtaking views in a very tranquil environment.     6. Delta: Abraka River Resort in Delta state is a visitation sight. Enjoy refreezing atmosphere as you breeze around the resort for an exciting honeymoon adventure of a life time. What better way to be closer to nature.     7. Osun: Osun, an inland state in South Western Nigeria, perceived as the land of virtue, also hosts destination spots. Apart from boasting of cultural spots like Osun Osogbo Grove, it contains the luxurious Zenababs Half Moon Resort located in Ijesha. Also, MicCom Golf Resort set in a natural environment with green vegetation and a golf  course. Osun is another perfect place to unwind with your spouse.     8. Ekiti: Kamp Ikare is a typical example of Natures charm, a Disneyland for honeymooners. There is also Ikogosi Warm spring Resort located in Ikogosi, Ekiti State. Experience creatively crafted rock formation, landscape views of the resort and the meeting point of warm and cold springs.     9. Akwa Ibom: A city revered for its culinary expertise, a visit to the state would require you hold an extra set of cutleries. An amazing spot that offers you mouthwatering experience is Le Meriden Ibom Golf Resort. Discover the adventure of forestry; palm forests and vegetative forests.     10. Rivers: Located in Portharcourt is Le Meridien Ogeyi Place, a blend of luxury and beauty, featuring a spa, outdoor swimming pool, and tastefully furnished rooms. This beautiful serene retreat is perfect for honeymooners wanting to spend the best time of their lives in a quiet and beautiful place.

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This article was first published on 11th July 2017


Adepeju Adenuga is a writer (considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense). She holds a Masters Degree in Literature in English from the University of Lagos.

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