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  Currently, people upload as many as N95 million photos per day on Instagram and for all intents and purposes, the target audience behind most of these products are women.
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These brands sell to women that they are not enough. By their adverts, they infer that by purchasing their product or service, women would magically become attractive. The above scenario has further led to an increased rate of suicide among women in the world. However, research in 2014 by Walter E Jacobson, M.D shows that affirmations reprogram our minds by encouraging us to believe things about ourselves and attract the things we confess. Here is a list of top 10 body affirmations to detoxify your mind and set the tone for a new life.
  1. I Am Beautiful

This is because you truly are; the saturation of a certain body shape on the internet does not change the fact that you are beautiful. Raise your hand and repeat with your full chest, “I am beautiful”.
  1. I Am Enough

A relationship break or recent divorce may speak a different thing, but the fact remains that you are enough. Yes, there are character defects you must work on before you enter the next relationship, but as a whole, you are enough.
  1. I Deserve The Best

Do not let anybody tell you otherwise. The same goes for settling for nonsense, stop it! You deserve the best.
  1. I Am Valuable

Many women do not believe that they are valuable by simple reason of existence. You do not have to add XYZ to yourself. You are pure gold. You do not work to make gold become more of ‘gold’, you work on the gold to bring out the inherent value inside of it.
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  1. I Am An Achiever

With the rise in social media shows, it is easy for you to feel as though what you are doing is not up to par but who sets the standard? Choose your goals and crush them, you are an achiever.
  1. I Am A Finisher

That you started is not the issue, the issue is how to finish. There is always that shinning new thing that wants to distract you from your goal. Shout a loud “never” because sis, you are a finisher!
  1. I Am A Leader

The patriarchy system has ingrained in the minds of many women that they are not fit for leadership roles and many women like you who have the capacity to lead shrink back. Do not do that, you are a leader!
  1. I Am The Best

The best and highly favoured is who you are. You start a job and you finish with excellence. You are the boss lady of your destiny!
  1. I Am Independent

Many feelings of low self-worth and inefficiency come from dependence on other people for not just money but for happiness and other emotional needs. You are independent today and work hard to manifest!
  1. I Am Joyful

Say it until you believe it and then throw in your favorite jam to add some spice! Research proves that your brain does not know the difference between a true smile and a fake smile, it releases the same happy feeling for a fake smile that it does for a real smile. This is when you can fake it until you make it. Affirming these to yourself daily registers a new line of thought in your mind until it gets into your subconscious level. When it gets there, you would realize that the burden of pleasing people and trying to conform to the lust-inspired mold of the world would be foreign. It is at that point that you begin to live your best life daily. Featured Image Source: iStock
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This article was first published on 16th July 2021


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