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  The beauty of podcasts is that it allows expression in a way that other live audio based formats like radio do not. The format is consistent with the internet age within which it evolved. It is devoid of those pesky ad breaks and hiccups like breaks in transmission.
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The podcast format is an increasingly popular model for influencers and even media professionals who want to circumvent the restrictions of radio and TV. Podcasts have even evolved since they became a thing under two decades ago. From being a feature format for Apple’s iPods in the beginning, they have now become independent of the platform and can even be recorded for YouTube streaming nowadays. Podcasts are a great way of building an audience away from the radio waves and social media. The best thing about them is the intimacy between the podcaster and his/her audience as most people will seek out and consume podcasts of personalities they like or topics they like and they will listen to them usually by themselves (with headphones even). Podcasts have not quite caught on outside of major urban centres in Nigeria. But that just means that if you are starting one now, you may be on cue to ride a wave that has not yet come. So here are tips for starting your very own podcast venture.

1. Find A Niche

Podcasts are really all about the niche. Find your own. If people wanted to hear about general updates, they will tune into a radio or TV news channel. With podcasts, you must kill the notion that you can discuss any and everything. You would run into problems a few episodes sure enough. Like I said before, podcasts are personal and intimate for those who listen to them. If you find a topic, chances are you will find an audience.

2. Make Your Audience The focus

It is true that certain topics get people in certain regions. You must understand the cultural norms that define your environment. That would define what you should base your show on.

3. Ensure It Has The Potential To Last And Evolve

Some topics have mileage and will last longer than others. Make sure you identify those ones and work on them.

4. Equipment And Software

For making podcasts, you will need equipment on standby especially if you intend to do this long-term. Your own equipment will allow the flexibility to record almost anywhere you can find the time. You will need a microphone, a monitor headphones, an audio interface and a laptop with an audio interface. Editing software like Audacity, Adobe Audition or Anchor would also work for editing your podcasts.
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5. Promote It Like Hell

Use every tool possible to push the content you have out to people. Many big personalities employ SEO/digital marketing professionals to help push their content but you probably do not have the budget so you can do the following: I) Solicit reviews from the few listeners you get. Nothing sells products like good word-of-mouth. II) If you have the reach, you can put it in for sponsorship and use that to grow your audience like offering listeners some freebies for listening. III) In writing your summary scripts for publishing, take care to use words that work for the SEO algorithm. IV) Go on other podcasts (preferably bigger ones or ones with similar audiences) to promote your won podcast. Sources: Forbes Featured image source: Inc. Magazine
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This article was first published on 6th March 2021 and updated on March 18th, 2021 at 10:51 pm


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