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Nigeria is blessed and well-endowed with beautiful and awe-inspiring sceneries that are worth visiting.  It holds several tourist attraction centers; each having its own structure, interesting setting with their historical background. One of such Tourist attractions is the Obudu Cattle Ranch (now known as Obudu Mountain Resort) in Cross River State. It’s an exciting spot for family vacations and also excellent for tourists. Obudu Ranch is definitely one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria with its temperate mountain climate, impressive and breathtaking view.  It’s situated in a spectacular location, surrounded by trees and mountains, landmarks are also strategically put in place to allow tourists identify their location and move swiftly around the mountain. You’re probably thinking of just getting to Obudu to have a great experience but while on the trip let me also tell you: the fun doesn’t begin when you get there, it starts from the moment you set out for the trip. The journey to Obudu is quite an enjoyable one. From Calabar to Obudu is a 5-hour ride, give and take. Yep that far but you won’t feel it because it will be an interesting drive. You would get to pass different local government areas from Calabar to the Resort and be fascinated by the differences between the villages you’ll pass through. Remember it’s deep in the tropical rain forest so you get to take in the sight of vegetation. Through tall, dense forests where the branches form a canopy that completely shuts out the sun. It’s quite an exhilarating drive no doubt. To get to Obudu you either drive from the bottom of the hill or take the cable car. But make sure to take the cable car ride because it’s more fun. You’ll get to take in the view which is attractive and it’s possibly the longest ride in Africa. You can also visit other sites that are close by. You can go to Agbokim Waterfalls or Afi Forest reserve which are approximately a 3hour drive away from Obudu Resort. When you arrive at the ranch, you will be greeted with a heavily decorated reception; there’s a huge cow head hanging right from the entrance. The cow head is said to be a symbolical representation of what Obudu Mountain Resort is well known for in its suburbs; organized cattle rearing due to its large coast. There are several fun activities too; like swimming, hiking and horse-riding. There’s a bonfire almost every night to just sit and  enjoy the evening. Also at the Resort’s main lounges there’ s a fireplace where you can relax. There are nice restaurants you can eat as well. At night it is very cold at the mountain so make sure you carry some warm clothes as well.

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This article was first published on 22nd August 2017


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