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  The YALI RLC West Africa Emerging Leaders Program – Cohort 47 is now accepting applications. The United States government established the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) to develop the next generation of African leaders who would drive positive change in the domains of public sector management, civil society leadership, and African business and entrepreneurship.
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The YALI program currently boasts a network of thousands of members, who are pushing for the transformation of processes and purposes in their lines of work, in ways that benefit the organizations and people they serve. YALI alumni have achieved significant increases in civil engagement, growth in incomes, and an improvement in their ability to apply leadership skills.
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Persons who are accepted into the YALI RLC program for West Africa will benefit from it in the following ways:
  • Gain valuable skills and sharpen existing ones by learning through one of these tracks: Business and Entrepreneurship, Civil Society Management, or Public Policy and Management
  • Be prepared for leadership roles in their industries, niches, or areas of concern
  • Receive certificates and become members of the YALI alumni

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This program is open to persons who meet these criteria:
  • Should be between 18 and 35 years old at the time they apply
  • Must be citizens of one of a selected number of West African countries (including Nigeria)
  • Should not be US citizens or permanent residents of the US
  • Eligible to receive any necessary visa to Ghana
  • Must be proficient in reading, writing, listening to, and speaking English
If you would like to apply for this opportunity, you can do so HERE.
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This article was first published on 12th January 2024 and updated on January 15th, 2024 at 9:59 pm


Ikenna Nwachukwu holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He loves to look at the world through multiple lenses- economic, political, religious and philosophical- and to write about what he observes in a witty, yet reflective style.

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