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  The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), via the Office of Nigerian Digital Innovation, is inviting females involved or interested in technology to apply for a place in its Female Founders Training Program. This initiative is specifically targeted at female founders, developers and tech enthusiasts who want to build and sharpen skills that will enable them to excel in their chosen line of work.
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The NITDA Female Founders Training Program is designed to identify and spotlight innovative ideas and solutions that women in technology create. It also aims to support qualified females to leverage digital technology in ways that contribute to the growth of their enterprises. Ultimately, the organizers want to help bridge gender disparities that exist in tech and drive the creation of numerous new jobs in Nigeria’s digital economy.
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This training program will benefit participants in the following ways:
  • Learn new tech skills and sharpen existing ones
  • Build capacity that will enable them to launch and scale successful tech startups
  • Understand how to deploy technology in ways that contribute to business growth
  • Have their ideas, concepts and solutions highlighted by the organizers

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The NITDA Female Founders Training Program is open to persons who meet these conditions:
  • Must be a female interested or actively working in technology
  • Eager to improve outcomes for themselves as persons in the tech space
  • Should be able to attend the training, which will take place physically in Abuja, FCT
  • Must be able to take care of their lodging expenses, if they are attending from outside of Abuja
Applications will remain open until November 7, 2023. If you want to apply for this opportunity, you can do so HERE. Featured Image Source: Opportunities For Africans
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This article was first published on 31st October 2023 and updated on November 5th, 2023 at 9:59 pm


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