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Being proactive is the willingness to initiate certain behavior or produce results for circumstances even before they arise.

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This means that proactive leaders respond to events and issues before they occur.

They also tend to foresee the needs of the organization, developments, or potential consequences associated with circumstances and events.

As a result, they are often prepared for challenges or have positioned themselves for improved chances of success.

Additionally, proactive leaders are in a state of constant activity striving to do their best to achieve the goals of their company with ease.

A proactive leader creates a plan on how to tackle events or issues that may arise in time to come.

As a leader, it is important to be a proactive one because it makes leadership easy for you and your subordinates, encourages a better workplace, and increases positive results.

Importance of being a Proactive Leader


One of the most important advantages of being a proactive leader is self-improvement. This happens because you naturally have a growth mindset, which is an essential tenet for effective leadership.

As a proactive leader with a growth mindset and focused effort, you can improve your attributes and skills to achieve your goals. This attitude helps you improve yourself, talent, and skills.

Prevents and Provides Solutions to Unforeseen Circumstances

Another Importance of being a Proactive leader is the ability to consider the potential obstacles you might face in a given circumstance.

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With these future circumstances in mind, as a proactive leader, you will be able to take measures that either prevent the obstacle from arising or lessen its severity, such as putting in more work than is necessary for the moment.

Being a proactive leader also helps you alleviate issues before they happen because you uncover them and proffer solutions to them.

Keeps you Prepared

Another Importance of being a proactive leader is that it keeps you prepared from avoiding chaos in the future.

As a Proactive leader, there are fewer chances of being caught off guard, and this can help alleviate risk and turn changes into opportunities rather than challenges.

Reduces Stress

As a proactive leader, the steps you take to provide solutions to unforeseen problems or prevent them can result in reduced feelings of urgency and stress. This is because you go ahead of others to set things right, thereby allowing you to meet deadlines more easily.

That way you can focus on other areas of the organization and still meet your goals.

Saves Time and Money

Solving a problem when the harm has been done takes more time, money, and resources.

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On the other hand, solving a problem before it causes harm to the organization saves you more time, money, and resources.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, therefore, a proactive leader who spots issues before they arise can save the company millions of money.

Identify New Innovations

Being a proactive leader means that you think ahead of others, this act helps you put yourself, your employees, and the organization at the forefront of innovation.

Most mind-blowing innovations come as a result of recognizing a need for change, thinking ahead, and understanding aspects of the organization that needs improvement.

Gives Room for Flexibility

Most successful businesses are flexible and always ready to adapt to certain changes. However, this can only be possible if there is a proactive leader who can think ahead, spots the changes that the company needs, and makes necessary plans for the company to adjust.

In addition, proactive leaders foster creativity in the company or organization because they step out of their comfort zone to achieve results, they also see a bigger picture, and they are not afraid of trying something new.

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This article was first published on 4th July 2022


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