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Are you a business owner, entrepreneur or a professional in need of a side hustle or currently nurturing one? Are you losing out on sales/transactions because of the cost of building an e-commerce website? With over 71% of businesses thriving in the digital space, making sales with their e-commerce websites from over 97m Nigerians online, getting your business/brand technically prepared for the ember month’s sales should no doubt be one of your top priorities – Here is another reason why:  online sales are expected to increase by over 300% as we approach the end of 2017! The good news is that – it’s not too late! With 100% hands-on practical and with no previous coding knowledge required, you can learn how to build and manage an e-commerce website in just 1 Day! With the right guidance & support, your business can still be among the e-commerce websites in Nigeria that will benefit from the massive online sales as we approach the festive seasons. Brought to you by Webkraft Academy, the training package also comes with a 30-Days after training support with over 100+ e-commerce layouts amongst several other additional packages and bonuses. Click here to see more details on what participants should expect to go home with! The workshop which is expected to take place at Webkraft Academy’s training facility situated at Ikoyi – Lagos will also be revealing many of the secrets behind successful e-commerce websites and is open to anyone looking to start a new business, already have an existing or anyone willing to work towards having a share of the massive e-commerce wealth & transactions happening daily. The training modules have also been broken down so easy no previous coding knowledge will be required so for non-tech savvy individuals, this course is also a perfect choice! The date is Saturday, October 7th -2017. Be sure not to miss this very amazing offer! For more inquiries and reservations, please send an email to or call 08175446717. You can also click here to find out more about the modules covered in this training session. Register today to discover the secrets and everything you need to know to set up and run a successful e-commerce business. Don’t just be an online user, start selling online today!

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This article was first published on 4th October 2017

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