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  Baker Hughes, one of the world’s leading oil field services companies, invites graduates with a degree relevant to their work to apply for its Early Career Program. If you would like to kick-start a career in industrial services, you should consider exploring this opportunity.
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The Baker Hughes Early Career Program will last for 36 months and will give its participants the chance to work with the company’s clients to locate and produce energy in an efficient manner. They will engage in job shadowing to build their capabilities, and find solutions to complex technical problems. Persons who are recruited into this program will also engage Baker Hughes’ crew members to deploy tools and services for use in the field. They will prepare, document, and receive incoming and outgoing equipment from the well site, and provide data analysis and cost estimates and other kinds of support for tenders.
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This program will confer the following benefits to people who qualify to take part in it:
  • Receive mentorship from experienced professionals
  • Learn to work with very diverse teams and develop the ability to work collaboratively
  • Get training that will enable them to start and build a successful career
  • Take advantage of a broad range of career options after the program ends

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This program is open to people who meet the following criteria:
  • Must have graduated with a degree in any Engineering discipline, or in Engineering Technology, Geosciences, Chemistry or Mathematics not earlier than 36 months ago
  • Must have graduated with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or its equivalent
  • Should have excellent communication skills, and must be able to read and write fluently in English
  • Must have the strong critical thinking, numerical, and leadership skills
If you would like to apply for the Baker Hughes Early Career Program, click here. Featured Image Source: Opportunities YouthHubAfrica
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This article was first published on 29th November 2022


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