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In order to save themselves the troubles that come with tending to their laundry, people seek the services of laundry companies but unfortunately the terms attached to laundry services can discourage one from going for it. These terms could come in form of high cost of services and in the end, your clothes might not be properly treated. In a bid to solve the numerous challenges attached to laundry services, Teqnia Laundry was established.

Teqnia Laundry

A subsidiary of Teqnia Hub, Teqnia Laundry House is a startup established with the major aim of taking the stress of laundry out of your weekend schedule. With a little subscription money, your laundry is done perfectly. You no longer have to worry about doing your laundry on weekends because Teqnia Laundry will be at your door-step on every weekend to serve you excellently and allow you enjoy the little time you get to relax yourself on weekends. Teqnia services are flexible and every class of Nigerian citizens can fit into packages available. For effective delivery and to ensure customers at every level fit in, Teqnia Laundry’s packages comes in 3 forms, namely;

  • Chairman Package
  • Washerman Package
  • Standard Package
Washing Machine, Laundry, Tumble Drier, Housework

Chairman Package

This is Teqnia Laundry’s First-Class package. Here, you are assured of all the benefits attached to subscribing for the company’s laundry services. Some of these benefits include having clothes that weigh up to 100kg washed, starched and ironed per month, your footwears are equally not left out. Teqnia Laundry equally offers free pickup and delivery to lessen cost of services for customers. A monthly subscription of 10,000 naira is all you need to enjoy the Chairman’s package.

Washerman Package

For large families, the Washerman package is not a bad idea as it guarantees continuous washing. Benefits that accompany the Washerman package include washing (up to 100kg), free pickup and delivery. The subscription fee for this offer is #5,000 naira a month.

Standard Package

Under this package, clothes weighing 40kg are washed and starched per month, the pickup and delivery for this level is also free. To enjoy services rendered under the Standard package, a subscription fee of #5,000 naira is required. 

Why Choose Teqnia Laundry?

There are numerous factors that makes Teqnia Laundry services stand out when compared to others. Among these factors include a 24/7 services open to inquiries, with pickup and deliveries only on Saturdays (However, you can submit a Special Request).

Teqnia Laundry understands the importance your clothes hold to you and treat your laundry like a doctor does a patient. A 100% tough stain removal is assured, especially when the stain is reported. Your clothes are also delivered on time to a location of your choice.

I started giving Teqnia Laundry with my children clothes at least to ease the stress of weekend busy washing for their mom. The good thing is that, they pick up on Saturday morning and return it Sunday evening. The fragrance of the children clothes [is great]!

Tijani Ojo (Customer)
NOTE: Teqnia laundry is currently only available to residence of Lagos.

For further enquiries and services subscription, visit their website.


Phone: +234 702 530 4335

WhatsApp: +234 702 530 4335


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This article was first published on 2nd September 2019


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