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Human beings have become so dependent on certain technologies that we can’t afford to go anywhere without them. Before you only had to worry about packing your clothes, toiletries and other items. That is not the case today. You now have to include your mobile phones and laptops which serve as communication or work device. As well as other gadgets that increase the probability of having a hassle-free journey and easing your stay at the new destination. Here are some of the portable tech gadgets, that will surely make your journey more comfortable and exciting.

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Portable power bank: A power bank is a must-have if you are travelling. Whatever the means of transportation you use, you can’t have too much access to power. In short, there is no available way to power your phones, tablets, computers etc. Luckily for our generation, there are now portable power banks available in different shapes, sizes, and prices. Before buying a power bank, make sure you check the capacity. The capacity can range from 6,000 milliampere/hour (mah) to 20,000 milliampere/hour (mah) or more. The more the capacity, the more devices it can charge. My favourite is the Oraimo 27000 capacity power bank. A full charge means you can rest assured for 3 days.

iPad or Tablets: Aside from being a perfect supplement for laptops, they serve multiple purposes. One of them is that if you are travelling for a vacation and there’s no space for your laptop. You can count on them to read books and magazines, watch movies, edit spreadsheets, read email, search the net, record meetings and download music and travel apps, among other functions. Not everyone can afford iPads, but there are android tablets you can buy instead.

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Portable wifi hotspot: There are some places you can’t rely on only your mobile phone networks. You will need to have access to a strong and stable wireless network when you are travelling even if it’s not work-related. Whatever the case, you still need internet access. You will need wifi to use the map, use Google Translate, have access to information and communicate with friends and family. Always remember to pack wifi when you are travelling. Noise-cancelling headphones: This is almost everyone’s delight. Need I remind you that travelling in buses is akin to hearing all sorts of unwarranted noises. Thus, Headphones, earpieces, air pods and earbuds with noise-cancelling features are a must-have for travelling. You can use them to play music, answer calls, and watch movies. The important thing is that it prevents you from listening to unnecessary noises

Portable speakers: If you are travelling for a vacation or you are a party person or you like music. The portable speakers are a must-pack. It is great for the beach or impromptu parties as well as video calls. The fact that they are powered by wireless Bluetooth technology and even have the ability to charge your other devices via USB should make you pack them. They will play your favourite songs, allow you to power your devices and allow you to do video calls.

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Bluetooth tracker: Travelling is always a ruckus. Between, driving to the airport or park is enough to frustrate you. Least of all losing important documents, keys, or even your purse. These situations can cost you money, time, and peace of mind. So you need a Bluetooth tracker to keep track of the important things you bring on your trip. Bluetooth trackers are usually thin devices you can attach or stick into your possessions so you can find them when it’s lost. Most are so thin you can put them into your wallet. If you lose any item, it helps you to find them easily.

Final words

All the aforementioned gadgets can suit any kind of trip. However, you should pack gadgets and belongings according to the kind of trip you are embarking on. Not only will it save you some space, but it will also prevent you from carrying unnecessary loads.

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This article was first published on 21st August 2022


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