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A lot of people are often conflicted about the rationale for any vacation running longer than 30 days. Most workers just take the holidays and go back to their routine because they are not used to the idea of long holidays. But the dimension which mini-retirements have brought into planning a career or life path has thrown even more light into fantastic possibilities which millennials can benefit greatly from.

The idea of going for a mini-retirement is great but even more important is understanding the trade-ins and the need for planning towards it. In essence, familiarizing with some of the planning points and requirements highlighted below will be quite helpful in achieving that dream long vacation.

Saving & Budgeting

Saving for a mini-retirement can run in tandem with an investment plan for the same mini-retirement purpose. The first thing to do is to project into the future and have a picture of the kind of mini-retirement you desire and then come back into the present with a solid and clearer scope of what and how much of what you earn you will have to start investing to achieve that goal.

Using savings applications such as PiggyBank or CowryWise can help in further streamlining your monthly savings and ensuring that you are disciplined towards the savings goal for use during your mini-retirement.

Inculcate a Side Hustle

The fact that a great many people will need additional income for the timing of their mini-retirement to really work out might have necessitated having a side hustle during mini-retirements. This is so as to reduce the burden on how fast your savings gets depleted during mini-retirement. The majority of the funds to be spent during a 1 or 2 year mini-retirement should however actually come from savings or fixed/rolling investment over the course of about 5 to 10 years; depending on whatever term of mini-retirement you choose.

Working From Home/Remotely

When toying with the idea of mini-retirements, the choice is there to make of either going with a concise mini-retirement or a partial one. While engaged in partial mini-retirement, you may still decide to do mini projects or work which you will definitely have to complete from home or at work hubs or stations.

Cafes and Hubs have sprung up in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and other cities around Nigeria from which remote workers can work. These spots have grown popular not only for the enjoining facilities such as constant power, internet, networking and comfortable seats but also for the diligence-inducing ambience which the serenity of the location provides.

Travel & Adventure

The desire to be free comes with the yearning to travel or explore new climes. Of what use would a mini retirement be without travelling? Of what advantage would spending the time of a mini-retirement in the same usual space where an individual lived all though his/her life or career. To what advantage is it particularly if one’s youthful free time is not spent exploring the world too? Therefore one of the best uses for mini-retirements is the travel and adventure involved. It is a time to see new worlds; away from the confines of the triangular lifestyle which regular work might have limited you to.

But travelling itself doesn’t come free. Therefore saving enough money for this is an important aspect of this consideration.

Unforgettable Experiences & Priceless Memories

Life is too short. Yes, that is cliché, but it is actually short. A lot of people post-retirement, and perhaps post-60 year old, look back at their life and cringe at how empty it has been. They often find out that they have really not been able to maximize their youth aside climbing the ladders of their career and perhaps, building a family. This is where having a bucket-list of goals and to-die-for activities come in.

Any young person should be buzzing with life and in expectation of a bucket-list which they will soon dive into when they are free from work and go on a mini-retirement. Documenting such experiences by taking as many pictures, videos and/or writing about it should therefore be an important of mini-retirements too.


In essence, a mini-retirement is truly as desirable as it appears to be on paper; and even more desirable if it is done the right way and well-planned for in advance.

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This article was first published on 1st March 2019


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