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Email Marketing has been declared “dead” but the following points prove otherwise:
  • Email is more personal and can be easily customized.
  • Email marketing is cost effective.
  • It is highly measurable.
  • Email increases brand awareness.
  • Email is more preferable as a means of communication for business.
This shows email marketing is far from being dead and you can leverage on this fact by tapping into some of the benefits that come with writing engaging emails. Find some ways you can write eye-catching emails:

Let Your Emails Be Story-Driven

Potential customers don’t just want to read vague explanations of how a particular product is of benefit to them but they also need to see how it has helped you or someone you know, and how you felt about it. Why? Because people are naturally captivated by stories due to the fact that we evolved over thousands of years with storytelling and as a result, we find them very engaging and persuasive. Also, it’s has been proved time and again that our attention spans are slowly decreasing and because of this, it is important to put out emails that will catch the attention of the reader and won’t bore them.

Write Catchy Subject Lines

You’re probably used to scores of promotional emails trooping into your inbox from various sites at regular intervals.  You must have already attempted to unsubscribe from some of them already or you probably just ignore most. Either way, this shows that you have to up your game if you’re also sending out emails in order to stand out from the crowd. One of the ways you can do this is to write emails with engaging subject lines.  You can send out emails with questions as subject lines. Questions work because they show your audience that you’re not only aware of their problems but you are also willing to help. For instance, a subject line can go as follows:
Are you having trouble promoting customer engagement on your blog? 
It is likely that this question will provoke a “Yes” if the reader is actually a blogger struggling with customer engagement. Also, you can play with the expectations of your reader by sending them emails with intriguing subject lines. For example here is one of such,
How to get more done by taking a nap.
This is an interesting idea your reader will definitely be interested in especially if he has been having unproductive days or extremely busy schedule. However don’t overdo this, alternate different subject lines so you don’t get your readers bored with the same one over and over again.

Personalize The Mail

Email is considered one of the most informal forms of digital marketing because it is targeted towards individuals. So it is important to write your emails using the recipient’s name, using the pronoun “You” and making use of a regular letter structure.

Offer Value

Finally, the objective of any good email should be to provide value. This can come in the form of helpful guidelines or entertaining skits depending on what your line of business is. Your readers will only feel the need to click on your next email if the last one was engaging and helpful enough. In addition to providing value, you should also ensure you are writing your emails in a concise manner. No one wants to read long notes that will take their time so it always important to go straight to the point.

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This article was first published on 25th July 2018


My name is Samuel Okoruwa. I am an ardent researcher, reading is life and writing is fun.

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  • Hi, nice post i’m very enjoy reading it, thumbs up!

  • Hi Anthony,

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  • I play around with more of value driven emails to my subscribers , that is my strength with a clear call to action, email works! It really does

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