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People love to get free stuff, therefore leveraging on this fact to attract more customers has never been a bad idea. For giveaways to be profitable, you need to structure them in such a way that they attract mostly people in your target audience. Here are some useful steps you can follow to achieve this: Know Why What is your reason for hosting a giveaway in the first place? Is it to draw awareness to a new product, advertise your business, increase your mailing list, or grow your social media following? Being able to pinpoint the idea behind the giveaway, will set you on the right track in other aspects of your campaign. Focus Your Giveaways On A Target Audience One thing you shouldn’t do is plan giveaways for the biggest number of people possible. This is because not everyone has the potential to become potential customers and you wouldn’t want to be spending unnecessarily on sending emails to people who aren’t in your target audience. Instead, your giveaways should appeal to a target audience who you already know their likes and interests.  You can leverage on this for a more cost-effective route to achieve results for your campaign. This also means that your giveaways should be more specific rather than items that have mass appeal like cash prices. Incentivise Your Audience In order for your audience to take your giveaways serious, you should give them incentives to work with. People like free things but not everyone may be encouraged enough to find interest in things that have thousands of people contest for. This is why it is important to incentivize your audience; with incentives, your audience know that they have to put in some work to win. For instance, if you told your audience that they would win the giveaway prize, if they could invite the highest number of friends to your page. In this way, someone with many friends to invite would already know that he has a chance to win depending on how much work he puts into it. Follow Up With Your Audience Through Emails Once people have start showing interest in your giveaway, you should follow up on them through email, to market other products and you provide, including tips that will be beneficial to them. This ensures that you keep them engaged and your giveaways are sure to yield positive results. Promote Your Giveaways There are different ways to promote your giveaways including both organic and inorganic modes of marketing. Since you are operating on social media, your best bet will be to pay for social media ads. You can post about the giveaway on all your social media pages and encourage your followers to spread the word about it. Another way is to promote the giveaway on the homepage of your blog or website. Doing social media giveaways the right way will ensure that you’re attracting the customers who are genuinely interested in your product or services at a faster rate.   Feature Image:

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This article was first published on 29th August 2018


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