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  It is one thing to develop a product, and another to mould that product and make it appealing to its target audience. The latter is what branding is all about. While there are some exceptions, not everyone is endowed with the gifts of both ideation and branding. Something has got to give.
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This is where individuals like Blessing Abeng come into the picture. They are the missing link between tech creators who have come up with innovative products but lack the knowledge of how to carve the right image for these products in the minds of their audience.

The Missing Link

Two qualities distinguish branding experts from mediocre ones – a stellar portfolio and the ability to render services that resonate with the client. Abeng is the embodiment of both qualities. She has built a successful social media page on the back of good branding – matching aesthetics and a unique content approach – and she understands her clients pretty well. In fact, it was by learning about tech creators that she realised many of them were only focused on creating their products and had no clue about branding.
“Most of them were Steve Woz and they needed a Steve Jobs. Someone who understood the product well enough to be able to mediate the communication between them and their customers. I decided to be their Steve Jobs by offering advice, giving a lending hand, connecting them to other people who could help their businesses succeed,”
Abeng wrote in a post she shared on Connect Nigeria.
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Due to her experience as a Brand Manager and her extensive knowledge of the African tech ecosystem, Abeng successfully became the missing link between tech creators and the actualisation of their ideas.

Silicon Valley

People don’t just get invited to speak at Silicon Valley. It is often people who have a ton of experience in their respective fields and a willingness to share it with others that get such an opportunity. In January 2019, Abeng received an email to speak at Silicon Valley. She was invited to educate them about African startups and expound on why Lagos was the Silicon Valley of Africa. Prior to this, Abeng had proven that she was deserving of such an opportunity. Not only had she immersed herself in the awe-inspiring world of African startups, but she had also exhibited her willingness to share her knowledge of branding via social media. With over 20,000 followers on Instagram, Abeng has successfully demonstrated what true branding looks like while providing daily branding nuggets for her creative audience to follow. Without a doubt, Abeng has proven that she is a Silicon Valley material. She is part of a new breed of Nigerian creative talents that have taken the digital world by storm. Featured Image Source: Leading Ladies Africa
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This article was first published on 22nd January 2021


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