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One unique thing about online classes is that you can have them anywhere you are. Perhaps that’s why most people prefer online learning. An online class is an opportunity for people to learn at their pace but that does not invalidate the conventional education settings. Whether online or classroom-oriented, the purpose is for learning to take place. However, some situations make online classes more desirable. A perfect example is the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Many countries including Nigeria moved to virtual classes so that the education sector is not interrupted.

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Again, there is no doubt that online classes are excellent. One can do them from the comfort of their bedroom or study. Besides, there’s no travel time required and it’s not even too expensive. All you need is some gadgets which are vital to your having a smoother and more efficient learning experience. Some of the gadgets you need that are useful for online learning include:

Wireless Router/ Wifi

Google Wifi

Internet connection is very important if you are signing up for an online class. This is simply because your phone network may disappoint you. Instead of using your phone hotspot, consider getting a wireless router or wifi for your online learning. Not only will it ensure you have a stable internet connection at all times, but you’ll get to conduct your online classes without any disruption.


Some online classes can be done with your smartphone. However, I strongly recommend a computing system that will help you connect with others effectively.

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If you are learning how to code or other advanced tech skills, then you need a laptop. They have a better user interface, more functionality and seamless connectivity.


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Webcams are for classes that require you to interact with other students. If that’s the one you signed up for, then you need a webcam. Modern laptops and MacBooks usually come with webcams but if yours is a

standard laptop, then you buy a webcam. Chances are you will it need to stream your live video and interact with others during a live session.

Headphones and Microphone

Live online session needs both headphones and a microphone to facilitate learning. A headphone is for you to listen with and a microphone is needed for speaking. Thus, You should have a headphone and a microphone that is crystal clear.


Nigerian Price

Energy is the bane of online classes. You will always need light to participate in the classes you signed up for. Sadly, Nigeria always has power challenges. It is such that people are now resorting to generators and solar energy and you can too. Whichever one you have, you need a UPS that will help you avoid interruption during crazy power cuts.

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A UPS is an electrical apparatus that offers emergency power backup to a load when the input power source or main power fails. It allows you to resume your classes instantly and complete your live session effectively.


This device comes in handy when you need to charge multiple devices. You may want to connect your mouse and camera and at the same time charge your phone. AUSB hub allows you to do all three. Thus, you should have a USB hub with many ports to connect several devices simultaneously. This ensures your learning isn’t interrupted.

Bottom line

These gadgets ensure you have a seamless learning experience. Your classes will become more productive and nothing will come between you and your class. Always remember that gadgets are expensive, so you should buy ones that are of utmost importance to your class. Again, you don’t need to own all of these, buy the ones you can afford and improvise the rest.

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This article was first published on 23rd July 2022


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