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Bus-hailing platform answers call for safer travel post-lockdown with the expansion of services

Plentywaka, the tech-driven premium bus-hailing service, known for elevating the standard of public transport, has announced the launch of the “Plentywaka Staff Bus Solutions”. The exclusive service for corporate companies will minimize employees’ risk of exposure to COVID-19 by providing a safer and more convenient means of travel to and from work, post-lockdown.

With all buses cleaned and fumigated, the Plentywaka Staff Bus Solutions will deliver a service in line with the state government’s directives, enabling the vital Lagos workforce to safely return to full capacity. The new service allows companies to either lease buses directly from Plentywaka or have their staff picked up and dropped off from designated points. Both options include a driver approved by Plentywaka as well as access via mobile to a dashboard for real-time monitoring and data collection.

Speaking on the launch of their Staff Bus Solutions, Plentywaka’s Managing Director and Co-Founder, Johnny Enagwolor, said:

“Whilst the easing of the lockdown provides some assurance, we still need to remain vigilant and take the necessary precautions to avoid community spread of the virus. Through the launch of the Plentywaka Staff Bus Solutions, we are offering reassurances for business owners and staff anxious about traveling, and through providing a safer alternative, they can get back to achieving their 2020 plans.”

After a brief hiatus due to COVID-19, Plentywaka resumed their services on 5th May and are seeking to build on their previous success. From Monday 18th May, the platform will be rolling out their buses on two new routes, boosting their current service from 5 routes to 7. As part of the new launch, Plentywaka are offering new and existing users free rides on the new routes for a week via their app. The new offer will be available from 18th May and will end at 6 pm on Saturday 23rd May. 

Enagwolor added:

“Similar to most businesses, COVID-19 created a major hurdle for us but this is the time to be dynamic in meeting customers’ needs, especially those around safety. Now more than ever, commuters across Lagos need transport operators that take their wellbeing seriously and that’s why we’re expanding our service. We’ve always had a strong track record on safety and now is the best time to build on this.”

For more information on Plentywaka’s Staff Bus Solutions, you can register your contact details via the following form and download the Plentywaka app on Google Play or the Apple Store.

Featured Image Source: Plentywaka

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This article was first published on 20th May 2020 and updated on June 24th, 2020 at 11:24 am

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