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  Today, the 4th of December, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, released his much-awaited 2023 Manifesto titled, “Our Pact with Nigerians: Creating a New Nigeria”.
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The 72-page document detailed how the Labour Party candidate intends to move Nigeria from its deep-seated malaise to a prosperous future. The manifesto includes seven priorities that Peter Obi will be concentrating on if elected president of Nigeria come 2022. They are:
  1. To secure Nigeria, end banditry and insurgency, unite our dear nation, to manage our diversity such that no one is left behind.
  2. Shift emphasis from consumption to production by running a production-and economy that is driven by an agrarian revolution and export-oriented industrialization.
  3. Restructure the polity through effective legal and institutional reforms to entrench the rule of law, aggressively fight corruption, reduce the cost of governance, and establish an honest and efficient civil service.
  4. Leapfrog Nigeria into the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), through the application of scientific and technological innovations to create a digital economy.
  5. Build expansive and world-class infrastructure for efficient power supply, rail, road and air transportation, and pipeline network, through integrated public-private partnerships, and entrepreneurial public sector governance.
  6. Enhance the human capital of Nigerian youths for productivity and global competitiveness through investment in world-class scholarship and research, quality healthcare, and entrepreneurship education.
  7. Conduct an afro-centric diplomacy that protects the rights of Nigerian citizens abroad and advances the economic interests of Nigerians and Nigerian businesses in a changing world.

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In cross-examining his much-touted aspiration to move the country from consumption to production, the document pointed out that he intends to improve productivity by growing the national economy quantitatively and qualitatively by designing programmes for re-skilling youths to achieve greater synergy in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) field; and create a venture capital-like fund for young entrepreneurs. Furthermore, he proposed that the country’s economic production will be equitably geared towards the net-zero emissions drive, and shall re-design incentives for present and prospective investors in the industrial sector, coupled with an apprenticeship system, to provide a ready-made source of technical expertise in the relevant areas.
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Also, he promised that his administration will strive towards a zero-based national budget to overcome the mindset and reality of past non-performing national budgets that are routinely hampered by budgetary deficit overhang. Finally, he also said that his government will be entrepreneurially driven as it will dismantle the barriers to free trade and ease of doing business. Featured Image Source: AIT Live
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This article was first published on 5th December 2022


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