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In the past few years, the Nigerian economy has been spiralling downwards. A situation that has left quite a lot of Nigerians dejected. But that is not only the case. When the economy of a country experiences a downturn, it causes a whole lot of other problems like inflation, poverty, unemployment, a high rate of scams and fraud, etc.

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In this situation, we can all agree that money is difficult to come by. And that it is painful to lose money no matter how small. Unfortunately, this is the dilemma of most Nigerian adults when they want to invest. Some of them have fallen victim to scammers and fraudsters. Notable among them are the mmm saga, ponzi schemes, chinmark venture and ovaioza agricultural investment scam. Despite this, there are still reliable investment platforms. Where people can invest and expect to get returns without any problems whatsoever. An example of such a platform is the Overwood capital investment platform.

Overwood capital is a Nigerian tech-enabled startup that allows Nigerians access to safe and high-yield investments. It gives everyone who wants to build wealth and opportunity to do so regardless of the amount of money at their disposal. Overwood was founded in 2020 by dr Tayo Oyedeji as a safe investment venture for the common man. Since then, it has been able to garner hundreds of users and has done transactions valued at ₦100 million.

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The startup has provided impeccable service to its customers. And has earned the trust of its clients to become one of the most promising startups in Nigeria.

Investments product offerings

Generally, Overwood capitals help nigerians invest in mutual funds, money market instruments, credit-backed instruments, government bonds, treasury bills and capital market instruments. But has 3 major investment products which include:

Overwood prime: this investment product is denominated in local currencies. For instance, Naira in Nigeria. It provides investors with daily compound interest.

Overwood child: this is an education investment product for children. Parents are advised to sign up and invest in their children’s future

Overwood dollars: this is the US dollar-denominated investment. An option for people to invest and earn interest in dollars.

To them, it’s not just enough to provide access to high-yield investments. This is why they make sure that the investors money is safe too. Thus, they diversify investments to make sure that clients are safe from adverse market dynamics. The invested funds are divided into 80% ( invested in net assets dividend-paying money market instruments), 15% (invested in other pooled investment vehicles which have higher returns) and the remaining 5% (invested in riskier assets which extremely have high returns.

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In return, investors can earn up to 15 % returns on investment determined by the market value for each day. They can also monitor the daily dividends accumulated by their investment on the dashboard. The minimum amount that customers can invest is ngn50, 000.

Investment duration

Overwood investment spans a minimum of 90 days. After which, customers can withdraw or choose to keep their investments for as long as they want to. And they can be assured that their money will keep accumulating interest daily. Likewise, investors can withdraw their investments at the set maturity date or anytime afterwards. There’s an option for clients to withdraw their earnings before the maturity date if they need the money. But they have to pay a 40%withdrawalpenalty fee on the interest.

Final words

Overwood capital is a breath of fresh air for those who want to invest their money. Not only will they not worry about losing money, but their money also generates interest for them. Moreover, overwood’s capital is an opportunity to invest and earn in dollars as against the depreciating naira. Individuals are encouraged to sign up to begin their journey to financial freedom. Download from the google play store and ios app store to get started.

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This article was first published on 28th June 2022


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