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For a long time, whenever I thought about how much my husband and I used to play together, it was usually along the lines of lamenting that we didn’t play anymore. Then, late last year, I decided we were better off actually doing something about it. First step, find the Ludo board and clean it.

We usually underrate the importance of play in marriage because it is, well, play. There are serious things to be done, from earning money and raising children to keeping the house and supporting extended family. The demands on us are often so great that there’s no time or energy left for nurturing the marriage, and even when we squeeze out time, it’s for sex and maybe date night to fulfil all righteousness.

In marriage we usually think, sincerely, that there’s no time or energy for those little extra things that make a big difference in marriage until suddenly there’s lots of time and energy for an affair, or for separation and divorce proceedings.

If we really knew how important playing with your spouse is, we would make time for it. Even if it’s once a week. Even if it’s just taking a walk together and sharing jokes, playing a game together (like Scrabble, Ayo, Ludo, Monopoly, Catch Phrase, etc.), cooking or baking together, doing crosswords, going swimming… the list is endless.

Play is something that any couple can even make up, depending on what their thing is. In the early years hubby would put on a song for a few seconds and turn it off before any lyrics, then I would have to guess the song. I would say a line from a movie and then he would have to name the movie.

Play is anything you want it to be; even pillow fighting counts. The important thing is that you’re spending time with each other, having fun, laughing and actually enjoying each other.

Playing together keeps love new like few things can. The more you play with your partner, the more you’ll realise the impact play has on marital bliss.

Please make the time.

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This article was first published on 17th January 2017


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