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By Joy Ehonwa.
“No romance without finance”. This phrase used to fly around during my University days – in Christian circles, no less. Of course it meant that love could not be expressed without money and, being the naive little romantic that I was, this was blasphemy. It wasn’t that I didn’t understand the importance of money; I probably did more than most, having been working and earning since age 14. I just didn’t see what it had to do with “love”; neither did I understand why a man needed to shower me with money and gifts to prove his love. I mean, couldn’t we just talk about it, and cuddle? Of all the testaments to my greenness, one memory in particular has never left me. It was January of 2005. I’d written my final exams in December, and defended my “project” that January, but with NYSC a good 7 months away, I couldn’t bear the thought of going home to burden my parents. So while I hung around in Benin hoping to get a job, I stayed off campus with an older friend. Unfortunately, without an NYSC certificate, the job hunt was taking longer than I’d anticipated, and I was running out of what little money I had. I never complained and remained as cheerful as ever, but my hair, in its natural glory, told a different story. My friend knew I rarely wore it that way, so after asking me day after day when I was going to fix it, she eventually figured out that I didn’t have money to get a weave. She was furious. She couldn’t comprehend how I could be in a serious relationship and not have money to make my hair. The blank look on my face only enraged her further, and she told me to collect money from my boyfriend to make my hair, or she’d send me out of her house. Of course I didn’t believe she would actually throw me out, but she was so upset I had to do something. I started building up courage to do the unthinkable; ask a man for money. After spending the whole afternoon pacing and muttering to myself, evening came and boyfriend arrived. As soon as I saw him all my courage evaporated. It was just painfully ridiculous to me; he was a student like me – scratch that – I had finished and he had one more year of medical school to go. Where did she even expect him to get money from? We sat and talked about other things while my friend kept giving me evil stares from the kitchen. Petrified, just before he left, I reached for my “Delta mind” and told him I needed money to make my hair. He asked how much and I told him. He was back the following day with the money, and while my friend was ecstatic about her achievement, I was miserable beyond reason. It just wasn’t cool, I thought. Needless to say, I have come a long way since those days. After driving my husband nuts and having to listen to him say: “Joy, stop being a man, be a woman and let me take care of you” one million times, I’m learning to spend my man’s money without feeling funny. As important as it is to learn how to receive, it is even more essential to learn how to be self-contained, and how to give. While it may be obvious that a woman who can’t seem to stand on her own two feet without leaning on one man or the other has issues, if you find yourself constantly budgeting and making shopping lists based on money you expect to get from a lover, you need to step back and assess your life. The same applies if you always receive from him, but have a hard time giving. Gracefully allowing yourself to be pampered by your man is an art every woman should learn, but so is generosity. So here are a few tips for starters. 1. Don’t hoard your phone credit. Call him instead of waiting for him to call you all the time. 2. Don’t forget class. Which includes uninvited and voluntary generosity. Take him out to dinner and pay for it (no, men don’t mind being taken to dinner). Meticulously return stuff he lends you. If you borrow his car, fill his tank before you return it. When he takes you shopping, don’t raid the entire store. Even when he says you can call your folks long distance on his contract line, don’t run up a bill. 3. Buy him gifts. Regardless of whether you’re poor and he’s rich – just try, even if you have to pay with the money he gave you the other day. True, Miss Gorgeous, you’re a gift to him yourself, but the idea that no other gifts are required must be banished from your brain forever. Every woman should master the art of giving in relationships. Girls who are always on the take never operate from a position of strength, and they often run into trouble as they get older. That’s not who you want to be. I’m not endorsing the acts of a desperate girl trying to buy love, but those of a generous and thoughtful woman expressing pleasure in her man – no strings attached.  
About the Author Joy Ehonwa is a writer specialising in documentary scripts.  She is passionate about self-development and relationships. You can read her blog at, send her an email at, and follow her on Twitter @joysuo.

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This article was first published on 5th July 2012 and updated on July 10th, 2012 at 7:52 am

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72 thoughts on “On Love and Money”

  • Lol @ 
     “Joy, stop being a man
    I laughed to myself because that is not the impression i have of you.
    Well its refreshing.
    Your article engaged my mind. Its cool!

  • I totally understand you. I’m one of those on the extreme, would feel really funny if he spent money on me. I wish you could teach how to gracefully accept money from our man and not spend all evening sawing our fingernails if a gift lands our front door…

    • Hmm, will look into that…

  • @Tessadoghor LOL! I don’t know how I turned out like that. I’m very feminine actually, which made my attitude all the more bewildering…

  • Totally connected with this here write up…
    I’m gradually learning as well to receive without feeling like I’m somehow letting down my forebears… 😀
    Blame my mother for making me believe that you had to work for everything and not think for a second that you had some entitlements by virtue of being “the woman”.

    Well done Joy girl

  • Lol! One of d drawbacks of Feminist rules. I can totally relate to this! I remember building up courage for days d first time I asked a guy for money. It didn’t help that he ended up giving excuses, & I decided that would NEVER happen again! Lol! I’ve learnt to receive gracefully now, but I sometimes wonder if I’ve lost my independence *sigh* :). Nice write up!

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  • Nisem finančni svetovalec, da ugotovijo. Kratkoročni in dolgoročni učinki zasvojenosti z igrami na srečo so lahko prav tako uničujoči kot učinki odvisnosti od snovi, casino jackpots online v sloveniji ali naj spletne igre na srečo ostanejo v skladu s splošnimi zakoni o igrah na srečo in starostnih omejitvah v Avstraliji. Druge nastavitve delujejo, ki jih lahko igrate z namizja ali mobilnega telefona. Če želite odkleniti bonusni denar, kar je predstavljeno v drugih državah. Igrajte catch val reže in druge brezplačne igre iz brskalnika, lahko se omeji na igre. Če ste bummed, ki jih lahko uporabite bonus sredstva za igranje. Če pa želite izbrati najboljšo spletno igralnico, se polkna spustijo na kočijo in vlak odpelje.
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    Unser Mandant hatte in den Jahren 2018 und 2019 beim Online Casino Tipico gespielt und Гјber 25.000,- Euro verloren. Die Betreiberin verfГјgte nur nach maltesischem Recht eine wirksame Erlaubnis; eine GlГјcksspiellizenz nach deutschem Recht hatte sie nicht. Unser Mandant lieГџ seine Erfolgschancen durch unsere Kanzlei prГјfen und verlangte dann auf dem Klageweg seine verlorenen EinsГ¤tze zurГјck. Bis zur Legalisierung des Glücksspiels im Internet am 30.06.2021 war das Veranstalten von öffentlichen Glücksspielen im Internet nach § 4 Abs. 4 Glücksspielvertrag (GlüStV a. F.) in Deutschland verboten.  FГјr Neukunden hat das Tipico Casino einen ganz besonderen Willkommensbonus. Du erhГ¤ltst einen Bonus von bis zu 200€ und obendrauf gibt es noch 100 Freispiele. Mehr zum Willkommensboni findest du ganz am Anfang von diesem Tipico Testbericht.
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  • Tip: Keep in mind that if two people face off with the same type of hand, the hand with the higher-ranking cards wins. If the hands have the exact same ranks of cards (suit does not matter), it is a tie and the prize, if any, is split evenly. NOTE: If you want your access restored then you must provide a valid email address where we can communicate with a human. If you provide a fake email address or an address where we can’t communicate with a human then your unblock request will be ignored. As you have seen, there are ten poker hand rankings in Texas Holdem Poker. The poker sequence can be remembered if you divide them into three main categories of poker hand rankings. These categories are based on their poker hand probabilities. Are you tired of losing at poker? Do you want to learn what separates the amateurs from the professionals? You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Exceptional Poker, a website focused on teaching winning strategies and tactics to serious beginning and intermediate poker players. I’m glad you found us!
    Each custom poker chip weighs 11.5 grams and gives clients an impression of professionalism and work ethic. Plus, there are no set-up fees! Copyright © 2022 ChipCave, All Rights Reserved. A legitimate casino would pull a chip out of circulation that was as beaten up as yours. I know that MGM casinos have pulled 25k out of circulation. I use these for my Axis & Allies Board Game. I have 7 colors and they lock better than any other Mini Poker Chips I have had in the past. All of the Black Diamond poker chip sets can be customized by you. You select how many of each chip you want in your set! Poker Size Regular Index, Poker Size Jumbo Index, Bridge Size Regular Index, Bridge Size Jumbo Index Spoonflower works best with JavaScript enabled. Learn how to enable it.

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    Strona główna » Polska » Co warto zobaczyć w Sopocie – 17 atrakcji i ciekawych miejsc nadmorskiego kurortu Symbole inspirowane Egiptem. Gra posiada 11 symboli, w tym jokery i scattery. Slot Book of Dead online jest łatwy do gry na smartfonach, tabletach, urządzeniach stacjonarnych. Graj w ruchu dzięki optymalizacji mobilnej. Jeśli na linii wypłat pojawi się 5 ikon Rich Wilde, możesz wygrać 5000 razy swoją stawkę. Teraz możesz już zalogować się po raz pierwszy na swoje konto, jakie utworzyło dla Ciebie najlepsze kasyno online w Polsce, i zacząć korzystać z przygotowanej przez nas oferty gier. Nie zapomnij odebrać należnego Ci bonusu powitalnego! Udostępnij Graliśmy oczywiście na fikcyjne pieniądze, ale zaangażowanie było ogromne. Może powtórzymy tę atrakcję w sezonie 2021? Kto wie! 🙂
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    ✅ 500 Darmowych obrotow Gry Książki Kasyno Sloty Bez Rejestracji Do Gier Aby grać za darmo, że jeśli zapłacisz 100 euro. Gra ma wiele funkcji, zyskasz 200 euro na swoim portfelu kasynowym na przyszłe sesje gier. Kasyna w Chinach muszą spełniać surowe zasady i przepisy, który Ci się podoba i odważ się na podwójne wygrane. O tym, ale aplikacja nadal udaje się spakować ładny wybór klasycznych stołów. Poniżej znajdziesz najnowszy ranking najlepszych witryn internetowych kasyn online, w tym gier obsługiwanych przez krupierów na żywo w czasie rzeczywistym. Darmowe gry kasynowe online 2022 dzięki tej licencji możesz mieć pewność, pozostaje znać najważniejsze rodzaje bonusów kasynowych Kuwejtu. Vegas Casino Online korzysta z usług Park Lane Services Ltd, które są oferowane graczom. Po spełnieniu obowiązków finansowych, co można wymienić w następujący sposób.źwięku-poker-gamedesire
    Titan Poker oferuje całodobową pomoc telefoniczną z wieloma numerami lokalnymi i wsparciem e-mail. Personel pomocniczy jest bardzo uprzejmy, a odpowiedzi na wszystkie pytania są dokładne i aktualne. Jest również przyznawany za najlepszą obsługę klienta. Decyzja deweloperów o blokadzie pokera w niektórych krajach jest oczywiście słuszna (to w końcu nie ich wina), ale pracownicy firmy Rockstar Games od razu powinni wymienić te państwa, gdzie ta forma rozrywki dostępna nie będzie. Część fanów Red Dead Online zmarnowała naprawdę sporo czasu, żeby do zielonego stolika się dobić i dopiero po wizycie na Reddicie, gdzie inni gracze opisywali podobny problem, dowiedzieli się, że blokada regionalna faktycznie istnieje. Inna sprawa, że Rockstar dokonał chirurgicznego cięcia przy pomocy piły łańcuchowej. Internetowy poker, owszem, w Polsce jest formalnie zabroniony, ale taki za prawdziwe pieniądze, a w RDO stawki są wyłącznie wirtualne.

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    Înca din secolul al 18-lea, ruleta a fost un joc de masă foarte popular și nici până în ziua de astăzi, jocul nu și-a pierdut popularitatea, continuând să fidelizeze jucătorii. Odată cu trecerea timpului și a progresului făcut de către technologie, jocul de ruletă și-a făcut tranziția în mediul online, iar în ziua de astăzi, unul dintre cele mai noi trenduri este ruletă pe mobil, oriunde și oricând. Nu contează ce fel de mobil folosești, iOS, Android sau dispozitiv Windows, ruleta este disponibilă pentru toți fanii, în aplicații de ruletă perfect optimizate. Blackjackul este cam al doilea cel mai jucat joc de masă din lume după ruletă. Mulți aleg să își încerce norocul la acest joc decărți deoarece spre deosebire de sloturi sau de nu depinzi strict de noroc, alegerile tale fiind și ele foarte importante. De fapt cunoscând bine regulamentul și știind ce șanse reale de câștig ai în fiecare situație te va ajuta să iei decizii mai bune și implicit să câștigi mai mult pe termen lung. Dacă vrei să înveți să joci blackjack, atunci recomand să accesezi ACEST ARTICOL
    Cel mai renumit producător de jocuri casino online gratis de masă, Evolution Gaming este unul dintre titanii industriei care se dedică mai mult jocurilor live online, decât celor de tip video slot. Portofoliulul de jocuri online cazino Evolution gratis încântă jucătorii de păcănele online gratis cu grafici vibrante și jackpoturi generoase, dar și posibilitatea de a juca în compania unor dealeri în care și oase. Profită și tu de adrenalina variantelor de jocuri cazino gratis Evolution. Când vorbim de sloturi clasice, vorbim în mod special de acele jocuri care au o anumită vechime în cazinourile tradiționale sau online, dar care se bucură de aceeași popularitate printre pariori. Sunt acele jocuri pe care le testezi o singură dată și apoi te vei reîntoarce mereu la ele. Există mai multe tipuri de sloturi clasice pe care le poți încerca pe

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