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  High profile Nigerian Arabic literary writer, Sheikh Yahaya Abdul Rahman Al-Fulani, has emerged winner of the best Arabic literary writer award for the 2021 Egyptian Hamsat for Arts and Literature.
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Sheikh Al-Fulani has produced over 30 Arabic literary works, cutting across novels, poems, history, book reviews, rhetorics and criticism. The Arabic scholar was nominated by the Nigerian Centre for Arabic Research Abuja for the 2021 edition of the international literary award. Out of 30 works of Arabic literature nominated from African countries, Sheikh Al-Fulani emerged best for the award. Some of his notable works include Raiya liganam (lit. The Shepperd), Ma’alimuwarikhayn (lit. With Two Historians), Algabiyyat (lit. The Unseen), Jaulah fee zelaalikitaaba (lit. Exploration in the Shade of Writing).
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Alongside other recipients from different parts of the globe with works on diverse art genres, Sheikh Al-Fulani is expected to receive his award in Cairo, Egypt “on 6th through 8th of September 2021. Sheikh Al-Fulani is a native of the Ilorin Emirate and serves as the proprietor for Kano-based Darulhijra Arabic Institute. Without a doubt, he has established himself as one of the leading Arabic scholars in Nigeria through outstanding works of art. Source Blueprint Featured Image Source: Daily News Egypt
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This article was first published on 1st September 2021


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