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Nigerians in the diaspora have continued to prove their ingenuity. Despite criticism that have trailed Nigerian immigrants to various parts of the world, citizens of the most populous black nation on earth remain outstanding in their resolve abroad.

Academically, Nigeria posses some of the best brains in Africa and in many occasions, they emerge best in academic institutions to prove the uniqueness of Nigerians globally. Malcolm Ebose is proof of the intellectual soundness of Nigerians with his emergence as best graduating student in his class at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Malcolm Ebose

Ebose studied architecture at Cambridge and did not only earn himself a degree but equally wrote his name in history books as one of the best to have studied at the prestigious academic institution. Popular twitter page, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, posted pictures of the young architect rocking his convocation gown with a confident smile.

The convocation ceremony took place on Friday, June 26, 2019 with his parents also in attendance. There are no doubt that Ebose’s guardians had their heads up beaming with pride as it is the dream of most Nigerian parents to see their children succeed academically.

Ebose’s achievement is coming on the heels of recent data released by the Higher Education Statistic Agency in the United Kingdom (HESA) which revealed that 17,640 Nigerians enrolled to study at UK universities during 2011/12, compared to 5,385 for 2003/04; the number of Nigerians studying in the UK trebled in the space of eight years.

We’re seeing increases in the number of students from Nigeria coming here to study, which is really encouraging. In the past we have had many students applying from Lagos, but now we’re seeing more come to us from other parts of Nigeria, such as cities and towns in the north like Kaduna. More people are realising that studying in the UK is a realistic option and many find it to be a real benefit to experience living in another culture while studying for their degrees.

Selma Toohey (International recruitment officer for Sub-Saharan Africa at Nottingham Trent University)

 Malcolm’s academic excellence proves Nigerians are out for excellence each time they travel abroad for studies, and not to make up refugee numbers. He has not only made his family proud, he has presented Nigeria to the globe as home to hardworking and adventurous people willing to create an indelibly positive mark in history. There is great assurance that the future of the West African nation is secured with youth like Malcolm.


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This article was first published on 5th July 2019


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