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estel jpeg Four of the top Mobile Network Operators  (MNOs) in Nigeria have been successfully and tightly integrated with Estel’s platform and the other three will also be integrated in the near future. This takes Estel’s e-Recharge platform to a new high in terms of offering complex and highly customised technology to its customers to meet extremely challenging market requirements in different countries and continents. In addition to the complexities involved in a common platform to service multiple operators, this deployment in Nigeria offers highly flexible user interfaces to the merchant networks. The interfaces launched, to begin with, are Mobile Device Applications, Web Portals and POS terminals and the merchants are free to use any of these interfaces. This common platform also takes care of diverse methodologies for recharge available with different operators including managing both Voucher based and Voucher less top ups. The platform will also be addressing the corporate segment in Nigeria wherein the corporate will manage a one-shot recharge of mobile accounts of all eligible employees through a user friendly web portal. Speaking on this milestone launch, Mr. Deepak Luthra, COO, Estel said “It is yet another special day for Estel to achieve this technological advancement and I am proud of Estel team which eats, breathes and sleeps innovation and is always ready to take on new challenges to create innovative solutions to meet complex market requirements. Estel is now also ready with a multi operator Mobile Money platform and is at very advanced level talks with some service providers in Asia & Africa for its deployment. We also sincerely thank our customer for the confidence and trust they have displayed in our capabilities”   This article was originally posted on  

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This article was first published on 25th March 2013


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