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Personal experience and observation have revealed that New Year resolutions hardly work out perfectly. You would agree with me that many resolutions are broken even before the first month of the year elapses. Perhaps it is the way we have tuned resolutions to be; resolutions do not particularly look like they are practical goals we have set ourselves, they appear more like prayers.

A vast number of resolutions are made at the highly spiritual crossover nights where Christians pray to God for a better year and make promises to be saintly in exchange/demand for a blessing-filled new year. Other Christians heave a sigh within the first few days of the year and draw a list of resolutions spontaneously. Adherents of other religions who also believe in the Gregorian calendar system do not strictly follow a pattern in their resolutions, most also do commit to a mental list of new values they want to acquire or propagate in the New Year.

Are our resolutions usually tending towards sheer wishes rather than practical goals outlined and set towards a dream?

It remains a marvel, however, that if things are as unstable as resolutions which get broken in little time, why do people bother so much about it? Some loyalists of formulaic patterns of living even go ahead oftentimes to ask other people what their New Year resolutions are? Perhaps resolutions have become a public-sharing contest.

Some individuals do not even possess the luxury and privilege of having clear aspirations, goals, purpose, or resolutions. All they have is their life and just believing that they will get to a destination in life someday. While this is not an ideal way of living, it is good to also ask if resolutions apparently make us better than people who do not make resolutions after all. Why do resolutions matter in the scheme of things and in the journey of life? Does having a list of ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ pasted on our doors at home and at work enforce or implore us not to commit whatever vices we wanted? Does it really make us better persons? Maybe yes; maybe not.

It may be true that this technique of pasting reminders of our wishes wherever we go, in resolution-making, helps those who are easily motivated. For those who are not easily moved once their mind is set on things, it is rather hard for a resolution to change their mind on what they are set to do.

For me this year, however, I have committed myself mindfully to live each moment deliberately, with the strategic backing of my practical goals. This may equate to me simply being spontaneously strategic with each day and not allowing myself be enslaved by the same statutes which I have set.

Nevertheless, whether resolutions are your thing and they work for you or it is just strictly practical goal-setting that you want to explore this year, it is absolutely awesome to have your eyes set on an end-goal. End goals help us more often than not in keeping on with life especially when we want to totally quit from everything.

This is the year to be YOU and to do YOU.

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This article was first published on 8th January 2019


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