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It was a Sunday evening in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria. I had fixed an appointment with this politician who was aspiring for the office of the governor from my home state.

I had heard a lot about him; how much of a principled man he is and how he was the God sent for my state, so i was excited about meeting him. When we were done discussing how I could help with his campaign organisation and managing his brand he gave me a gift bag.

Unlike other politicians that gave” brown envelops” he gave me a bag full of books. Book!? But that was the beginning of a new dawn for me.


Title: The P1:1 CODE

Author: Godwin Uwuba’Men

This book deals with the issues of productivity; the Divine Perspective on productivity, 10 Fundamental Principles of Productivity, how to make your life count (Making it count), how to give your idea a body, the three 10s you must know.


Imagine this scenario; you get to work on Monday morning only to find out your appointment has been terminated for whatever reason ranging from staff cuts and economic recession to office politics. How would you feel? I mean how would you take such a shock? What kind of emotion would you experience: sadness, a great sense of loss, regret, apprehension or total confusion?

By the time I was done reading this book I was glad I met that man, or would I say I was glad I read that book.

So encase you are thinking shift gear with your life this book would pull the liver on your creativity and productivity level.



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This article was first published on 4th July 2011 and updated on March 14th, 2012 at 7:20 pm

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