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Hello my dear readers, how are you doing today? I hope you woke up on the right side of the bed, lol. The truth is that if you are lucky to be among the ones who woke up today do give thanks to God. You know there is a song that goes, “Count your blessings, name them one by one, count your blessings see what the Lord has done.” We may choose to focus on what we lack but when we do look around to see what we do have, the best thing to do is to be grateful to God.
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God has blessed you with the ability to see, eat, hear, walk, talk, read, sit and so much more. If you are fortunate to be reading this article, it means that you are among the lucky few that have either a phone, laptop, computer, tablet and other devices. Also, these devices have internet access to the global world. How cool is that? You may count this as insignificant but believe me when I tell you that millions of people globally are not so fortunate. Another blessing you have is the ability to read this article now as I will be sharing with you the health benefits of today’s wonderful fruit. How great is that? See as difficult as whichever situation you might find yourself, you must learn to give thanks, because other people wish they were in your situation. Believe me when I do say that it can be much worse. Learn to see a silver lining in every cloud. Trust me when I say if you do, life will be much simpler and easy to live in. Today’s wonder fruit is Pawpaw, also known as Papaya. Pawpaw is a fruit that grows in tropical countries such as Nigeria, African and Caribbean countries. Pawpaw or Papaya is a very sweet tropical fruit that is very rich in nutrients and minerals that helps the body’s organs to function at its very best. It also helps the body to be able to boost its immune system.
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Pawpaw is a very delicious fruit that can be made into a smoothie with other fruits such as pineapple, orange, grape and apple. These smoothies are healthy and can help you curb your appetite and also indulge your sweet tooth cravings. These smoothies also help to boost your immune systems. Here are 5 health benefits of Pawpaw:
  • Pawpaw fruits can be eaten as often as you can and this helps to reduce obesity and to promote weight loss.
  • Pawpaw seeds can be boiled with water and this decocted liquid can be drunk twice a day; morning and evening to help prevent and treat Malaria.
  • Pawpaw has rich antioxidants properties which help to body to fight free radicals that destroy the cells of the body. These free radicals cause cancerous cells. Eating pawpaw prevents this from occurring.
  • The anti-carcinogenic properties of Pawpaw help to prevent cancer growth
  • The outer layer of Pawpaw fruit ( The green part) when it is cut off can be boiled along with zobo leaves, cinnamon sticks for a duration of 10 minutes. The boiled liquid can be strained into a mug and a teaspoon of honey can be added to give you a rejuvenating lift you need in the morning and taken in the evening to give you a sound sleep
  • Unripe Pawpaw can be cut and boiled along with its skin. This water can then be strained and used to bath newborn babies suffering from Jaundice to clear their eyes and skin.
So as you can see my dear readers, pawpaw is a very medicinal and healthy wonder food that does a lot of good for the body. Well, dear reader, this is what I have for you today. Join me next time as I talk about another wonderful fruit that you can get next door (That is if you reside in Nigeria). Till then I am your Nature’s Pharmacist Oluwaseun Carew-Bakare, Aka OCB. Cheers. Featured Image Source: New Vision
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This article was first published on 14th October 2020


Oluwaseun Carew-Bakare also known as OCB is one who has done a lot of research about the various types of herbs, vegetables, and fruits and their healing properties. She is a Nature Pharmacist and through the years, she has written books such as "My book of medicinal herbs, fruits and vegetables" which ranks at number 1 on Google and Yahoo's search engines. She has also written other books about the healing powers of food. She is married with children.

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