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Every Crypto Exchange faces the challenges of not being easy to use, slow transactions and exorbitant transaction fees. Hence most people were finding it difficult to trade their coins and tokens. This is not the case with NairaEx.

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NairaEx is a web-based crypto exchange that helps its users earn money by offering bitcoin buying, selling, and exchange services. It was founded in 2015 by David Ajala. Initially, NairaEx allowed people to trade cryptocurrencies directly from their bank accounts. But the model stopped working after the central bank of Nigeria banned crypto transactions. Presently, NairaEx functions as a peer-to-peer platform where people can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency. It has recorded over 130,000 users and 900,000 plus transactions. And competes in the same market with Patricia, Paxful, Quidax, Binance and Buy coins.

Why should you choose NairaEx?

If you are looking to earn money with crypto, here are the reasons you can choose NairaEx.

Exchange: it allows you to easily create buy and sell orders for Bitcoin, Naira and Perfect Money.

Safe And Secure: your transactions on NairaEx are protected. Even your  Funding & Withdrawal into any Nigerian bank is secure.

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Referral Program: it allows earn more through referral codes. When your friends join in through your referral code,  you earn a commission for each of your referral trades.

Fast Service: Speed is key to whatever transaction you have with NairaEx. You can expect to send your money within a matter of hours.

Premium Market Rates: NairaEx trading rates do not fluctuate constantly. Its exchange rate is set at the time of transaction.

Good customer service: Good customer service should be important to you. If you run into problems, NairaEx staff will handle them judiciously.

How To Buy Or Sell Bitcoins In Nigeria with NairaEx

Register And Verify Your ID: The first you do is Sign up on their website. Then you will be made to go through a very simple and interactive identity verification process. After this is done, then you can trade.

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Create Order: After signing up, you can now start Logging into your NairaEx account. You may decide to buy or sell your coins. If that is so, click on create a new order. Select Buy or Sell order and fill the amount you need.

Get Funded: The overall Processing time is instant and automated every day of the week. Once the system confirms your transaction, it will be marked as “completed” and money sent immediately.

Naira supports several coins such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, litecoin etc. You can deposit to your NairaEx wallet via cash, cryptocurrency, debit card and perfect money. Again, there are no trading fees, withdrawal fees and deposit fees to make transactions on the platform. As a whole, NairaEx is an affordable cryptocurrency exchange for users in Nigeria. It is generally safe and extremely intuitive to use. This platform would be best for you if you love crypto and wants to make more money.

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This article was first published on 21st July 2022


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